“What Took Place…Is Sinful”: Trump Tears into Zuckerberg and Zuckerbucks

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Former President Trump, spoke to Breitbart News before the premiere of Rigged: The Zuckerberg Funded Plot to Defeat Donald Trump, a documentary that analyzes the hundreds of millions of Zuckerbucks that were funneled to local election offices in mainly Democrat-leaning areas around the nation before the 2020 election.

Trump, as could be expected, thrashed the effects of the Zuckerbucks and brought up claims of voter fraud during his interview with Breitbart, saying:

It’s a law that one form or another—whether it’s state or federal—it shouldn’t be allowed. This should not be allowed. I’ll tell you what else shouldn’t be allowed–is mail-in ballots, because nobody knows where they’re coming from and how they’re getting there.

Mail-in ballots are rife for fraud and that’s what happened. They used COVID as just another way of cheating. The number of ballots we had this year as opposed to any other year—who knows where they came from? Nobody knows. Many people got two ballots, three ballots, or more than that.

Frankly, they should stop with the mail-in ballots and they should have one-day elections like they used to. You vote on one day and you can only use a mail-in if you’re in the military and away or if you’re very ill. Otherwise, you aren’t going to have honest elections.

That wasn’t the only time during the interview that he bashed the Zuckerbucks idea. Later on he did so again, that time bashing the idea that Zuck could get away with handing out so much money. In his words:

This is somebody that put up $417 million,” Trump told Breitbart News. “Nobody has ever heard of a thing like that. Yet if you go more than $5,600 they put you in jail. So nobody has ever heard of a thing like this where they put in $417 million. Think about it—if you go $100 more than the $5,600 they do very bad things to you. It’s a disgrace and they shouldn’t be allowed to. If they get away with this, it will be a true disgrace to America.”

The interview wasn’t all negative, however. Trump also had a few positive things to say, some of which were about the documentary and others of which were about the group that produced it.

Speaking about the documentary and why it’s important, he said:

This, again, what this movie is about—it’s really a beautiful movie, I’ve seen just a part of it and I’m looking forward to seeing the whole thing—but it’s really something that reveals what went on in one aspect of the theft.

Then, discussing the people behind making the documentary, former President Trump said:

Citizens United, they’re a very strong and very smart group of people. Dave Bossie has done a wonderful job, and all of the board. What they’ve done is revealed one of the many ways they rigged the election.

Most important of all, however, were the comments that he directed toward Republicans. In his view, they need to get toughter. A lot tougher. Speaking on that, he said:

“They’re going to have to get a lot tougher. The Republicans are going to have to get a lot tougher. The vote counters were a disaster. There’s an expression that the vote counters are more important than the candidate and you could use that expression here. What took place during this election is sinful.

It’s time for the GOP to start standing up and Trump is calling on them to do so. Documentaries are great at explaining the problem, but only action will remedy it.

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