NBA Star Kyrie Irving Shares Video of Alex Jones Exposing The NWO

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NBA star Kyrie Irving has set the internet ablaze after uploading a video from 2002 that was produced by “conspiracy theorist” Alex Jones.

When the Brooklyn Nets point guard uploaded the video on his Instagram of Jones talking about a ‘New World Order’ from twenty years ago on Thursday, it caused some people to raise their eyebrows. In the video, which is captioned “Never Forget – Alex Jones Tried to Warn Us,” Jones makes reference to a “New World Order” that would “unleash diseases.”

Jones can be heard saying, “Yes, there have been corrupt empires,” in the video. They do engage in manipulation. There are, in fact, shadowy organizations out there. Oligarchies have existed at various points throughout time, that much is certain. “And certainly, now in the year 2002, there is a dictatorial organization that refers to itself as the New World Order”. Irving, who is a vice president on the executive committee of the player’s association, has shared videos on his channel in which he discusses a variety of issues, such as the saturation of the media with celebratory posts about the late Queen Elizabeth I” and decolonization. Irving is not a novice when it comes to conspiracies; for a long time, he claimed the world was flat and that the moon landing was faked.

Irving made a major headline last year after he did not comply with New York City’s vaccination requirement for employers which resulted in the top basketball player from Brooklyn being unable to participate in most of the team’s home games during the previous season. In October of 2021, he began to follow and like the Instagram posts of a conspiracy theorist who asserted that ‘secret societies’ are implanting vaccines as part of a plot to connect Black people to a master computer for ‘a plan of Satan.’ The theorist claimed that this plot is being carried out in order to fulfill ‘a plan of Satan.’

Although Alex Jones has been labeled a conspiracy theorist, he has actually been right about a lot of things. For instance, months before the World Trade Center was attacked by terrorists Jones warned the world that Osama Bin Laden would be blamed for the 9/11 attacks. Watch him say it here:

Besides predicting 9/11, Jones has also been exposing the UN, WHO, Klaus Schwab, the elite in Bohemian Grove, and much more. During the beginning of Trump’s election campaign, Jones did an interview with Trump, and it exploded on the internet but was since deleted off of YouTube due to the fact both Trump and Alex Jones are the most banned people on the planet.

Alex Jones isn’t a conspiracy theorist but rather he just says things months or years before they ever come to light. Hats off to Kyrie Irving though because instead of pushing the far left’s agenda like every other NBA player is doing, he’s going a different direction and that’s standing up for truth.

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