`Steve Bannon Talks About Transhumanism and The Singularity

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Turning Point USA’s latest conference aimed to expose the World Economic Forum’s “Great Reset” was filled with an electric lineup. One of the keynote speakers at the event was former Trump advisor Steve Bannon who shared on various topics such as AI, Human 2.0, singularity, and more.

In his speech, Bannon talked about how scientists and engineers are aiming for the singularity which in technology the singularity describes “a hypothetical future where technology growth is out of control and irreversible. These intelligent and powerful technologies will radically and unpredictably transform our reality.” So to put it simply AI will start to build smarter AI which will in return create better biotechnology, nanotechnology, crisper genetic biotechnology, life extension technology, and the list goes on.

Bannon in his speech warned that Biden has already signed an executive order that states that biology in cells is programmable like chips. Watch Bannon make his statement here:

Bann would go on to state that the billionaires in Silicon Valley, in particular, are fixated on the idea of transhumanism as well as the possibility of an endless life. By definition, transhumanism is “the belief or theory that the human race can evolve beyond its current physical and mental limitations, especially by means of science and technology.”

Transhumanism is already being acted out in a practical way too. “Radical life extension” is the goal that Peter Thiel has set for himself, and he plans to achieve this by giving himself blood from young individuals. Elon Musk implanted a computer chip in the brain of a pig in the hopes that it could soon be possible to implant one in your own brain.

Facebook is developing “brain tech” that will be able to read your thoughts. Ray Kurzweil, a software engineer at Google, is on a mission to achieve “immortality” and is fixated on reaching a point known as the “singularity,” which is the point at which artificial intelligence surpasses human reasoning.

The oligarchs of Silicon Valley, and globalists in general, have set their sights on transhumanism as their ultimate aim. They are not trying to keep this a secret; in fact, they are boasting about it right in front of our eyes. Oligarchs are spending billions of dollars to become immoral “gods” while the rest of us are too busy arguing over what AOC said this week.

First, they perfect the transhumanist technology behind closed doors and become some of the first human beings to “transcend” beyond the limitations of human biology. This allows them to become “gods” with eternal life and access to all of the information and knowledge that is stored in the cloud. Secondly, they use this power to create a new race of super-humans.

Second, they will use the concept of “progress” and convenience to convince the rest of us to accept a version of this technology that they own and control. If you have any doubts about whether or not they will be successful with this method, all you have to do is look at the phone that you are holding right now as a tremendously successful beta test of this strategy.

If you want to know more about the singularity, check out this video:

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