4chan Users Reportedly Hacked Hunter Biden’s iCloud and EXPOSED The Biden Family

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It was reported on Saturday that members of the online forum known as 4chan cracked the password to Hunter Biden’s iPhone in order to gain access to his iCloud backup files.

Jack Posobiec, the host of Human Events, wrote on Twitter on July 9 that “4chan has allegedly gotten Hunter Biden’s iPhone backup password and are exposing everything.” On Saturday night, users of the website 4chan were actively publishing the contents of what they claimed to be Hunter’s iCloud account on a related forum. The administrators of the website were scrambling to delete or archive the posts as soon as they were added to the site.

There are still many posts on the 4chan board /pol/ and new ones are being added all the time, and others are being archived on other websites. Posobiec added in another tweet about the claimed Hunter hack: “The torrents for the Hunter Biden iPhone and iCloud backups have already been made by 4chan, and the site is currently circulating them. That indicates that even if 4chan is taken down, copies will still remain available on the internet.”

Several news outlets have made numerous attempts, but they were ultimately unsuccessful in instantly verifying the contents of Biden’s compromised iCloud account. There’s no doubting if the information that is being leaked is from Hunter, but the question is whether the content is just from his laptop or whether it’s coming from his phone’s iCloud.

According to a report that was published on CNBC on Sunday, Apple has unveiled a new feature for iPhones that will be named “Lockdown Mode.” This feature is designed to “guard high-profile users such as politicians and activists against state-sponsored hackers.”

After having a former Secret Service agent and cyber forensics expert, Konstantinos “Gus” Dimitrelos, examine Hunter Biden’s “laptop from hell,” the Washington Examiner was able, earlier this year, to further verify the contents of the “laptop from hell,” which was a story that had been broken by the New York Post in October 2021. This story was able to be broken by the Washington Examiner. Dimitrelos asserted that Biden was the only one who could have produced the data that was coming from the laptop by employing a method that he had created and named “digital sandwiching.”

Even though the contents of the stolen iCloud have not yet been verified, Dimitrelos was able to demonstrate that Biden’s iCloud had been syncing his data across all of his electronic devices, including his laptop, and iPhone, and iPad. It’s been suggested that Hunter’s Apple ID has been used on 46 different devices since 2011, including a variety of laptops, phones, tablets, and Apple TVs. A good number of these devices could have uploaded data to Hunter’s iCloud.

Information obtained from Hunter’s laptop has shown that between November 2018 and March 2019, Joe Biden wired his son $100,000 for his “expenses,” at least $30,000 of which went to pay off hooker debts. This information was uncovered as a result of an investigation into the missing laptop.

As of now, the 4chan leak has offered more information regarding Hunter’s drug use and prostitution and Joe Biden’s role in financing Hunter’s business ventures in foreign countries.

In the final days leading up to the presidential election in 2020, Joe Biden, who was running for president at the time, agreed to pay more than $800,000 of his son Hunter Biden’s expenditures, which included legal fees linked with a Chinese company.

On Thursday, it was disclosed that the administration of former Vice President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, had a stake in a Chinese energy company to which the Biden administration had already sent nearly one million barrels of crude oil from the US Strategic Petroleum Reserves. This transaction took place as recently as 2015.

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