ABSURD: Biden Mocked For Wearing Mask On Deserted Beach

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A video clip making the rounds on social media within the last few days, shows a masked-up President Biden strolling on a deserted beach with First Lady Jill Biden and their dog Commander.

Footage posted on Twitter by C-SPAN shows a fully vaccinated Biden wearing his signature black face mask during a brief outing on Rehoboth Beach, where there were only a few people. The First Lady, who’s also fully vaccinated, chose not to follow her husbands lead and went without a face mask for their brief stroll on the beach.

Biden has worn the face mask at almost every public event, regardless if it’s indoors, outdoors, or if there are even people around. He continues to where the mask, despite the CDC’s guidelines stating that the “risk when you’re outdoors, is extremely low.”

The optics of Biden once again using the face mask as a theatrical prop didn’t go unnoticed. Promoting many on social media to mock “sleepy Joe” for participating in “mask theater”. One Twitter user responded to the footage, “The theater never ends with the left.”

While Heritage Foundation’s John Cooper tweeted, “Vaccinated and boosted Joe Biden is wearing a mask outside, on the beach, alone with his wife. ‘Mask theater is so absurd’.”

Look at this moron. Walking a deserted beach, with his wife, and wearing a mask,” tweeted former Trump campaign adviser, Steve Cortes.

Biden has successfully used the pandemic and the face mask in avoiding the rigors of campaigning throughout the 2020 Presidential Election, opting instead to stay home and avoiding the press altogether.

Biden will avoid wearing the face mask when it best suits him, which is normally when the press isn’t around to record him. On several occasions, he’s has been caught on camera without a face mask, sending out mixed signals to an already confused nation.

Arguably, he most brazen incident of him not wearing his face mask was when Biden was on Nantucket Island this past summer shopping at Murray’s Toggery Shop. A few feet away from the front door of the shop stood a sign cautioning shoppers that “Required face covering” is needed before entering the establishment.

Another incident involving the use of his face mask as a theatrical prop came on October 14th, 2021, when Biden removed his face mask to deliver a speech at South Court Auditorium on the White House campus in Washington, D.C.

The president was also criticized after video footage surfaced of him and the first lady not following local mask mandates at a high-end Georgetown restaurant in D.C.

To truly get a sense of how disingenuous this guy is concerning mask mandates, Biden has been caught on numerous occasions mingling with the general public without his oversized black face mask. That is, until he’s asked to take a photograph where he quickly pulls out his mask and puts it on.

Video footage captured by the RNC also shows Biden at official meet and greet events, shaking hands with several supporters in close proximity to one another with no mask in sight.

A month earlier, Biden was seen coughing into his hand numerous times without a mask, then shaking hands with supporters…YUCK!

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