Annual DAVOS Meeting Happening; Time To See What The Elite Plan For Us Next

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The annual Davos meeting is happening now. This meeting seems to set the tone for the rest of the year. To go to the Davos meeting, you must be a member of the World Economic Forum, which cost a minimum of 52,000 U.S. dollars back in 2011. Then an additional $19,000 back in 2011 for a ticket to the Davis meeting itself. If you want to bring an extra person, you will have to become a part of the private industry session and be an industry associate, which in 2011 was $137,000. To bring a second person requires you to be an industry partner, which is 263,000 plus the $19,000 for their ticket. Why do the elites pay such obscene amounts to go to a meeting once a year and be members of the World Economic Forum?

It’s a manner of self-selection. This is what the comedian George Carlin meant when it was the “just us” club, and you’re not in it. These same elitists have stated that we will need to cut back on our air travel, stop driving gasoline vehicles, and reduce our dependence on oil while using private jets to attend a meeting which could have been done via zoom like the rest of us. While they have repeatedly stated that we should start eating bugs, I’m sure no cricket cocktails are happening at Davos. They might have $43 hotdogs, but they certainly don’t have cockroach milk.

This year they’ve decided that using the words net-zero and climate change may be associated with opposing ideas and so have changed to the terms natural or nature when speaking about their agendas. So watch out; everything they try to shove down your throat will have the word natural attached to it so that you believe it’s good for you and safe. Just remember some natural substances will kill you, like cyanide and poppies, and the venom of a coral snake.

Of course, they haven’t given up on trying to push COVID on the agenda. There are several sessions about COVID, one in particular that says “Equitable Responses to Ending the Pandemic,” even though we are no longer in a pandemic. COVID has allowed them to take over many governments. If you pay attention to the heads of state that cracked down the most on their populations, you’ll find that they were World Economic Forum members. Justin Trudeau was a World Economic Forum leader of tomorrow member.

Of course, security has been very tight. The event typically takes place in January but was moved this year to May due to security concerns. Additionally, members must be vaccinated for COVID-19, “supposedly,” and tested for COVID-19 before attending. Security is incredibly tight as there are checkpoints kilometers away from the actual meeting. Multiple reporters have been pushed out, detained, and kept from reporting on the event with an especially vitriolic push against conservative media.

The World Economic Forum states that it seeks to end world hunger. Interestingly enough, world hunger has only been on the rise. They claim it isn’t just about growing more food. What more could we possibly do if we’re not producing more food? They have been a total failure in ending world hunger in the past few years because hunger has only been on the rise. It would be incredibly enlightening if we knew what took place inside the Davos meeting, but since it’s just them and not us, all we can do is speculate from the bits and pieces we garner from those who have attended. This says nothing of the fact that multiple world leaders get one-on-one face time with the wealthiest people in the world, which undoubtedly influences their decisions when governing their countries. It smacks of oligarchy and is against everything Democratic or Republic that we hold dear.


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