AZ Court Just Handed Republican Kari Lake A Massive Victory

Note: This article may contain commentary or the author's opinion.

Arizona Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake’s challenge of the results from the midterms held just last month is now heading to a trial after a judge who heard the case refused to dismiss it, allowing it to continue moving forward. There has been a lot of chit-chat about what happened during the actual election in the area of Maricopa County after it experienced a number of machine issues that some, including Lake, believe disenfranchised voters who showed up to cast a ballot.

“The Arizona Republican lost her gubernatorial bid to Democratic Secretary of State Katie Hobbs, but has since alleged that rampant voting irregularities in Maricopa County prevented many would-be Lake voters from casting their ballots,” Just The News reports.

“Last week a Maricopa County Superior Court judge approved Lake’s request to inspect random ballots from the county, both in-person and mail-in, in order to prepare for a potential trial,” the report continues. “Left-wing attorney Marc Elias, however, noted that the judge dismissed eight of Lake’s ten claims and limited the remaining two allegations to ‘intentional misconduct,’ meaning she must prove that printer malfunctions were intentional and affected the outcome of the contest. She must also demonstrate the faults in the ballot chain of custody were intentional and also impacted the final result.”

Lake, who has proven over time to be a rather diehard supporter of former President Donald Trump, has made the claim that voter fraud is responsible for the outcome of the 2020 presidential election.

While polls seemed to indicate that Lake would coast to an easy win, the Arizonans underperformed by a significant margin during the election. Everyone was expecting a red tsunami with Republicans slaughtering the Democrats — metaphorically — so badly that they would take control of the House and the Senate. Which is not what happened. Not by a long shot.

Something a lot of Republicans have noted, including former President Donald Trump, is that the GOP is going to have to play the game by the same rules that the Democrats are, engaging in mail-in voting and ballot harvesting as a means of obtaining ultimate victory and regaining control of both chambers of Congress and the White House.

Both of the practices mentioned above are legal in many states across the country. Once the GOP takes back control of the system, they can dismantle it and rebuild it the way the Founding Fathers originally wanted it. But no action can be taken so long as Democrats remain the dominant party in power.

I think something else the Republican Party needs to do is pick better candidates. We need to have high-quality individuals running for office, people with moral standards that will be dedicated to the cause and place the principles of the nation above their own dreams and aspirations, especially politically speaking.

If these two things are done, we will likely see a vast improvement in the Republican Party’s performance come 2024. Refusal to step up to the plate could have disastrous consequences, such as four more years of Joe Biden or worse, President Gavin Newsom.

That last one is what the fabric of nightmares is made of.

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