Biden Adviser Says American In Now Under A ‘Liberal World Order’

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For several generations people around the world, especially in Westernized nations, have warned about the rising of what has been called, the New World Order.

For some of them, their concern stems from a prophesied final world government, mentioned in several books of the Bible. It says a final world government will require marks on global citizens’ hands or foreheads, which without receiving it, will prevent them from being able to buy or sell anything. The implantable chip being used in Sweden has only increased the chatter about this issue.

Others are concerned about groups like the Bilderburg group and the World Economic Forum, which both consist of only the wealthiest and most influential leaders in the world, and which are frequently mentioned in New World Order articles, chats, videos, and conferences.

In 1991 – Bush 41 Promoted His Support For New World Order Before Congress

Following their secure meetings, the groups release some of the global concerns they addressed and solutions that collectively came up with. Typically their solutions involve them, working in public/private partnerships with governments, to fix all inequities, striving for an unattainable Utopia.

On Thursday, President Biden said Americans should expect to pay high fuel prices.

When asked how long American drivers should expect to deal with high fuel prices, Biden told reporters “as long as it takes, so Russia cannot in fact defeat Ukraine and move beyond Ukraine.” He continued, “this is a critical, critical position for the world.”

With all of this being said, comments just made by President Joe Biden’s director of the National Economic Council, Brian Deese, are causing a strong kickback to his statement on Twitter.

Deese said that Americans paying high gas prices is needed for the “future of the liberal world order.”  In what is a HUGE Red Flag for those tracking the Great Reset, Deese was formerly the global head of sustainable investing at BlackRock.

CNN anchor Victor Blackwell interviewed Deese on Thursday and cited that Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines said on Wednesday the war between Russia and Ukraine could be a “grinding struggle” for years.

Blackwell said, “I think everybody understands why this is happening but is it sustainable? What do you say to those families who say, listen, we can’t afford to pay $4.85 a gallon for months, if not years? This is not sustainable.”

He replied, “What we heard from the president today was about the stakes. This is about the future of the liberal world order, and we have to stand firm.”

“But at the same time what I’d say to that family, to Americans across the country, is you have a present administration that is going to do everything in its power to blunt those price increases and bring those prices down,” Deese added.

Conservatives on Twitter blasted the Biden admin for putting the “liberal world order” ahead of America’s interests.

Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.): 

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green (R-Ga.): 

What Deese said was intentional, not a slip of the tongue.

The globalists have moved on from parsing their verbiage, to flat out supporting their agenda with them.

They are now insisting that any pain that the average person is feeling as a result of their global ambitions, is just part of the process, and should be expected to remain.

By: Eric Thompson, editor of Follow me on Twitter and MagaBook

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