Biden Works With Democratic Governors To Protect Murder Rights

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C’mon man! Let us kill some more babies and call it rights! Biden might say as he enjoys a summer treat like ice cream. Of all the things presently going on in America right now, of all the rights they are trampling on every day, and all the corruption going on, the only thing they’re worried about is the people’s right to kill babies.

Let’s not get this twisted, you know as well as I do that it is killing babies when we talk about abortion. The argument that some people have is that it is not a baby right now – therefore it has no rights.

It is nothing more than a bundle of cells forming right now, or that it’s not aware, of, or can take care of itself yet. There are plenty of reasons people want to justify killing a little one. However, if we applied the same logic to people who are already born and living with limitations it’s different?

For example, say there are elderly or disabled people who have something wrong with them where they are unaware of their surroundings or can’t take care of themselves. Should we rid the world of these people as well? Why is it okay to kill a human being as an infant or younger than someone who is elderly taking up resources? It’s all about women who don’t want the responsibility that comes with having intercourse but will have it out of marriage. They don’t want responsibility for their actions, so it’s easy to just want to cancel the consequences of living worldly. What if the world thought the same way about everyone else such as the old?

Why should we take care of the sick and old or disabled? However, no need to fret. Biden and his democrats are hard at work to make sure your ‘rights’ are taken care of and given back to you.

Now, I know there are bad things that happen to females, unfair things, but God can turn any bad into good. However, the very bad scenarios that people like to spout only account for a very small percentage of all abortions.

Biden recently stood in front of our Nation saying: “We’re going to do everything in our power” to help girls and women get abortions no matter where they live.”

If we look in the Bible, we can see that every life has a meaning, and if we forget about God and only go off of science, then we can still see that every single person is unique and meant to be. Out of all the cells that were racing for the egg, you were the only one who made it. In rare, cases there are twins and such, but we’re all here because we all made it in that specific moment in that specific egg as we were a specific cell.

And if we do look to the Bible, we easily see that God knew us before he formed us in the womb, he knows the number of every single hair on our head. One thing is for sure though, and that is that the times we’re living in are jumping right out of the Bible and the world will only get darker, more violent, and evil as time goes on.

Biden added “This is not over”¬†to some governors and the public, and I’d agree. No matter what happens or may come it is indeed not over until God returns and has cast judgment on every person and established his kingdom here on earth.

If Biden and his democratic party are so desperate to allow females (and apparently men too) to murder babies no matter the age, then they should bring down the gas prices so that these types of people can afford to travel to states in America but not of America to get their procedure done.

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