CDC used False Data to Approve Covid Vaccine for Children

Note: This article may contain commentary or the author's opinion.

The CDC recently approved Covid vaccines for infants and other children under the age of five.  They justified this recommendation, in part, by using data that turned out to be flawed from a pre-print study that inflated the risk of Covid to kids. More specifically, the study calculated the total number of Covid-related deaths over the past 26 months and then compared that number against other causes of death for children of that same age group. This comparison led the researchers to falsely claim that Covid is a “top five cause of death” for children in this age group, hence providing them with the justification needed to promote the vaccine for children this young. 

The data in the pre-print study which inflated the risk of Covid to children featured subjects between birth and 19 years. However, those involved in the study were primarily in the United Kingdom, where the classification of adult data begins at age 18, so it is unclear why data points for subjects aged 18 to 19 were even used in the first place. 

Shortly after the approval of the vaccines, observers began to point out the misleading information in a disturbing exposure of the agency’s efforts to ensure it was party to injecting kids with a vaccine that was likely not effective or safe. 

One largely manipulated aspect of the pre-print study, as first pointed out by, is that it ranks total cumulative COVID-19 deaths right alongside annual rates for other causes of death. What this means is, that the study used multiple years of COVID-19 deaths compared to annual deaths for other causes.  In the 1-4 age group, the paper ranks cumulative COVID-19 deaths as the 5th leading cause of death, in front of heart disease and the flu. But further down the list, it ranks annual COVID-19 deaths in eighth place. For every single age group, the increased death rate for COVID-19 more than doubles the annualized death rate. How very deceiving. 

Another big issue with the data the CDC presented is the conflation of deaths caused directly by COVID-19 versus the deaths where Covid-19 was just a “contributing” factor. The authors of the study state “we only consider Covid-19 as an underlying (and not contributing) cause of death,” but this simply is not true. 

The paper cites data from the National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS), which tabulates COVID-19 deaths by including any death certificate on which COVID-19 is mentioned, not just where it was the primary reason for death. The NCHS data cited by the researchers claim there have been 1,433 pediatric COVID-19 deaths through April 30, 2022. However, the CDC’s own data, which counts only deaths where the virus was the underlying cause, reported 1,088 pediatric deaths during that time period, which is nearly 25% lower. 

 The CDC receives billions of tax dollars each year and employs well over 10,000 people. The fact that it was a concerned parent named Kelly at who corrected the agency’s errors is absolutely outrageous. That the CDC made an error of this magnitude on an issue of such extreme importance—making evidence-based medical recommendations for young children and infants—is totally astonishing and inexcusable. One has to question whether it is gross negligence, or deliberate. Both are equally disturbing, both put our children in harm’s way. To date, the CDC still recommends the vaccine for all American children beginning at six months.


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