Church Is Fasting From “Whiteness” For Lent

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One church in Chicago has gone full woke and has stated that it will be observing Lent by refraining from singing any hymns written or produced by white musicians in order to “fast from whiteness.”

During Lent in 2022, the First United Church of Oak Park will do a combination of “giving something up” by refraining from using songs composed or composed by white people, and rather focusing on music from several other cultures, according to the church’s announcement.

The Daily Mail had more on the Church’s bizarre decision to give up “whiteness”:

‘In our worship services throughout Lent, we will not be using any music or liturgy written or composed by white people. Our music will be drawn from the African American spirituals tradition, from South African freedom songs, from Native American traditions, and many, many more,’ the church’s website said.

‘For Lent, it is our prayer that in our spiritual disciplines we may grow as Christians, united in the body of Christ with people of all ages, nations, races, and origins.’

Turning Point USA captured footage of the sign, with the conservative website blasting the stunt for moving America ‘back to segregation times.’

First United has even erected an outdoor sign to promote their choice for the 40-day religious observance despite the fact that the church’s lead pastor, Rev. John Edgerton himself white.

Edgerton has form for woke virtue-signaling, and bragged about being arrested for confronting former Utah Senator Orrin Hatch in 2017 about a proposed repeal of the Affordable Care Act.

The fast is being held by the same church that prides itself on ‘valuing persons of all colors, races, ethnic heritage, gender expression, sexual preferences, and abilities in every part of our congregational life,’ according to their website.

In a weekly newsletter, the church has even shared messages from Reyes-Chow a woke Presbyterian elder from California, and the message took aim at those who had been made ‘uncomfortable’ by the BLM protests that had disrupted their lives.

Churches all across America are being infiltrated with far-left ideology and if Holy Spirit-filled pastors and elders continue to allow the church to be taken over by the radical left then the church will be no better than America’s public school system. Evangelist Leonard Ravenhill over two decades ago said American parents are so upset that reading the Bible and prayer have been taken out of schools but are ignoring the fact they are no longer reading the Bible and praying with their children in their own homes.

Which is a solid point, if we are complaining about prayer and Bible reading are no longer done in school but not reading and praying with our own children then we are just as much as the problem.

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