Congress Critters Voted YES on Spending 40 Billion of Your Money on the America Last Bill

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With an astonishing disregard for high inflation in America, serious supply chain disruptions that threaten our nation’s health, an out-of-control border crisis which needs addressed immediately, and an inability to meet basic needs by a substantial percent of the population due to these issues, our Congress critters decided it was a great time to give $40 billion away to another country instead of fixing our problems. Most people would say, well, it’s one party that’s doing this to us. Unfortunately, no it’s not. Republicans in the House of Representatives joined Democrats in voting for the additional $40 billion that says America last on Tuesday. Only 57 conservatives opposed the move that would make Americans suffer at home under a more crushing inflation and oppressive leftist policies that will take a toll for generations to come. The multiple crises Americans face at home should be first and foremost among our Congress critters concerns. We aren’t important to them though. It’s almost as if our vote doesn’t matter.

To her credit, representative Marjorie Taylor Green went on full blast against the bill when mothers in this country can’t even find baby formula for their hungry infants. “Stop funding regime change & money laundering scams!” she declared in a passionate House floor speech. “The American people do not support paying for constant U.S. involvement in foreign affairs while our own gov fails our own country!”

Republican Andy Biggs of Arizona opposed the bill as well on the grounds that it was rushed to the house floor without time for members to adequately review the bill. He also stated that spending money we don’t have isn’t going to help another country and it certainly won’t help ours.

The fact that only 57 Republicans opposed it means 149 out of 211 House Republicans voted to waste your money on another country when children go hungry in this country. That is 70% of the Republican Party that is in the house. This is supposedly the party of fiscal responsibility. This is supposedly the party of America first. It appears that the Republican Party needs to be purged and pruned back to its roots so that it can grow a new and better party. As primaries are going on right now in several states for the Republican Party, we need to put new blood on those tickets. We need to vote out anybody who voted for this bill. We need to get them off the ballot completely. Term limits would be great, but right now you have an opportunity to make sure they can’t even run in November since they don’t care about us, their constituents.

The 57 brave souls that deserve a standing ovation for their ability to do their job under pressure by voting NO against The America Last bill include the following, Arrington, Babin, Banks, Biggs, Bilirakis, Bishop (NC), Boebert, Buck, Burchett, Cammack, Cawthorn, Cloud, Clyde, Comer, Davidson, DesJarlais, Donalds, Duncan, Estes, Fulcher, Gaetz, Gibbs, Gohmert, Good (VA), Gosar, Graves (LA), Greene (GA), Harshbarger, Hartzler, Hern, Herrell, Hice (GA), Higgins (LA), Huizenga, Jackson, Johnson (LA), Jordon, Lesko, Long, Mann, Massie, Mast, Miller (IL), Moore (AL), Nehls, Norman, Perry, Rose, Rosendale, Roy, Sessions, Steube, Tiffany, Van Drew, Van Duyne, Westerman, and Williams (TX).

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