COVID Therapeutics Pioneer Dead at 48

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The “truth warrior” medical community is mourning the passing of a Nobel prize-nominated physician who developed an early treatment for COVID that is credited with saving thousands of lives.

Dr. Vladimir Zelenko died on June 30, 2022, at the age of 48 after a long battle with pulmonary artery sarcoma, a rare form of cancer. He had been practicing medicine in Monroe, New York, during the 2020 COVID-19 outbreak and was astounded that doctors were informed to wait until a vaccine was developed rather than use existing therapeutics to treat patients who came down with the SARS-COV-2 virus. Instead, he came up with what become known as the “Zelenko Protocol,” a combination of hydroxychloroquine (HCQ), zinc, azithromycin, and other drugs, including steroids, to treat his and other doctors’ patients.

Zelenko had an illustrious career but came from humble beginnings, referring to himself as a “simple country doctor.”

He was born in 1973, in Kyiv, Ukraine, and immigrated with his family to Brooklyn, New York, soon after. He attended Hofstra University where he earned a B.S. in chemistry with high honors, then entered Buffalo School of Medicine where he earned an M.D. in 2000.

A man of strong faith, Zelenko credited divine intervention for the discovery of the abovementioned treatment, according to The Epoch Times.  He and some colleagues started the Zelenko Freedom Foundation to promote health autonomy and fight false health narratives.

Several experts and doctors who knew him personally expressed their condolences and praised his achievements.

Kevin Jenkins, co-chair of the Zelenko Freedom Foundation, told The Epoch Times that he was a hero and a man of God:

“Two years ago, he stepped into the fire to save humanity. The world is better off today because of his God Courage. Our prayers and love go out to Zev’s friends and family. At the Zelenko Freedom Foundation, his dream for the world will never be forgotten. We will work tirelessly to further his legacy and encourage everyone who is worried about the growing menace of medical tyranny to stand with us and make a positive change,” Jenkins added.

Ann Vandersteel, the other co-chair of the Foundation added: “Dr. Zelenko was a course correction for humanity. As a man of God, his faith gave him the strength to stand in the breach and deliver his life saving Zelenko Protocol when the medical community faltered. His Protocol saved millions of lives worldwide and is a standard of care for physicians who honor their Hippocratic oath.”

While humble, Zelenko, also known as “Zev,” was not afraid to stand up for others, and had sent a letter to then-President Donald Trump about the beneficial effects of hydroxychloroquine in treating Covid-affected patients.

“I recall hearing President Trump during a March 2020 press conference talk about a letter he received from a country doctor in upstate NY. That letter that saved millions of lives. Zev had discovered that hydroxychloroquine was, in fact, an efficacious treatment for coronavirus. I believe that was the beginning of the end of big pharma, and with the public’s support, we will continue Zev’s fight through the Zelenko Freedom Foundation,” Vandersteel said.

Zelenko was attacked for his claims, and his reputation was tarnished by both the media and, surprisingly, colleagues within the medical community who censored his work and cancelled his scheduled appearances at various symposiums.

Dr. Robert Malone, a key contributor to mRNA technology, posted a documentary video about Zelenko entitled “Eulogy for a selfless Truth Warrior” on his sub stack on July 1.

The Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC) also weighed in on Zelenko’s passing.

“The entire team at FLCCC is saddened to hear of the loss of a great friend and fellow supporter of early treatment for COVID-19. We extend our deepest condolences and sympathies to the Zelenko family and pray they find the strength to see them through this difficult time,” the group stated.

Humankind has benefited from Dr. Zelenko’s selfless quest for the truth while searching for the best way to treat his patients. While he may have been just a “simple country doctor,” his actions elevated him to a “truth warrior” and the world is a little better off for him having been in it.

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