DISGRACEFUL! Little Girl Tips Synthetic Breast-Flashing Drag In ‘Family Friendly’ Gay Venue

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How is this even legal!? The sexualization of our children continues…

Footage taken in a Michigan gay venue showed a little girl tipping a drag queen who was dancing and displaying a pair of realistic synthetic breasts.

The girl, whose age is unknown, was sat on a woman’s knee as RuPaul’s Drag Race star Yara Sofia danced around Hamburger Mary’s in Grand Rapids, Michigan dressed like a stripper and waving a pair of fake boobs around.

The young girl’s guardian smiled and laughed as the child tipped the drag queen, whose real name is Gabriel Burgos Oritz. He proceeded to pretend to cover his fake breasts upon seeing the child – seemingly thinking it was funny – before continuing the performance.

The appalling footage was put on TikTok by user DavidLovesDragOk and has since been shared all across social media. It has been met with thousands of comments, with many blaming the child’s parents for taking her to an inappropriate show.

“I’m generally not a fan of this brand of drag queen breasts because I feel they mock women instead of celebrating them but I mean…come on. Why are you bringing a kid into a f-ing Hamburger Mary’s. It literally says on their website they don’t recommend bringing children,” Tweeted @Def_Not_A_Rabbi.

Others pointed out that the performer may have been unaware that children could be at the show:

“I mean even the drag queen covered up and knew that wasn’t cool. That’s Hamburger Mary’s which is a drag bar, not family friendly,” posted @axiomatic111111

But wtf were the parents doing bringing a kid there? That’s on them.

The gay venue, Hamburger Mary’s is now temporarily closed, but many of its social media pages remain active. It held regular drag queen events, many of which had an 18+ age restriction, but Oritz’s show did not.

The restaurant franchise information says Hamburger Mary’s was first opened in San Francisco in 1972 with the motto “an open air bar and grill for open-minded people”.

There are now chains all across the country including in Kansas City, Long Beach, and Chicago.

We are known for our charity fundraising and support for our communities, especially among the LGBT community. This has enabled us to build a strong customer base over the past 40 years”.

It comes as many level-headed Americans are becoming increasingly concerned about young children’s exposure to sexualized LGBT content by their liberal parents or teachers who believe they are simply making their children more tolerant and accepting.

Schools across the nation are supporting Drag Queen Story Hour, where adult men in full, and often revealing drag outfits, read stories with LGBT themes to young kids.

New York City alone has spent around $200,000 of tax payer’s dollars on this vulgar left-wing brainwashing since 2018, and this year alone, Drag Queen Story Hour has spread its propaganda to NYC’s kids 49 times.

Through fun and fabulous educational experiences, our programs celebrate gender diversity and all forms of difference to build empathy and give kids the confidence to express themselves however they feel comfortable,” says its website.

With shocking footage continually emerging, it’s high time we imposed mandatory age restrictions on venues that allow sexualized or obscene performances.

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