Easter Bunny in Charge of Joe Biden at White House Egg Roll Event

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The embarrassment that has been the Joe Biden administration never seems to end. On April 18th Twitter was aflame with videos of Joe Biden, the president of the United States, being herded around by the Easter Bunny on the White House lawn during the annual Easter Egg Roll. No wonder Saudi Arabia has such wonderful comics making fun of our president. He gives them so much material to work with through his daily interactions with the public. The Biden administration is like a gift that keeps on giving to comedians. Unfortunately, for the citizens of the United States it’s like the gift that keeps on giving also but for the public it’s more like a sexually transmitted disease in this case. If you think about it, it’s quite tragic.

The best we can hope for is that they will keep him in the basement so that he doesn’t further embarrass us. Unfortunately, it appears even the simplest of appearances for Biden are fraught with pitfalls. At this point, one could argue it’s elder abuse to allow Joe Biden to continue to wander around the country aimlessly, confused, and calling himself president. We know that Biden is not in charge of anything, least of all himself or his bodily functions. We don’t want to bring up what happened there, now do we?

At the egg roll event, dear old Joe decided to go on a rant about Pakistan to some bystanders and just as he went into a rant of mumbo jumbo word salad, the Easter Bunny appeared before him. The large white rabbit waved its arms wildly to get his attention. It was like a desperate plea to stop the president from embarrassing himself even further without saying anything. Kudos to the person in that outfit. No one wants your job. Babysitting a demented nearly octogenarian all day long in a hot rabbit suit surrounded by children rolling eggs on the grass and trying to prevent an international incident while the president rambles on can only be described as hellish.  Take a look for yourself.

Here’s another angle so that you can see that yes, he was indeed being herded by the Easter Bunny.

Some of the more serious comments on Twitter expressed concern that this is the man with the nuclear codes. Think about that, he has the codes to our nuclear bombs and he can’t string a proper sentence together.

This is why we have the 25th amendment. It’s also why we have a Vice President and a Secretary of State. Why haven’t any of our legal remedies been enacted? Is Kamala Harris that much worse than Joe? No, don’t answer that.

So who was in the rabbit suit that was taking care of Joe Biden? Angela Perez, the White House press assistant, was the one inside of the rabbit suit. Don’t believe us? We’ve got proof.

Sleep well knowing that your president has to be herded by the Easter Bunny. Now imagine how easily he’s distracted by a cute little girl in China

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