Faulty PCR Says Bird Flu Jumped Species

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The faulty PCR test that has been used to detect bird flu is now being used to detect bird flu in other animals. From April 1st to April 14th, three red fox kits were collected by wildlife rehabilitators and showed neurological issues. The three fox kits showed circling, tremors, and seizures which are all standard with rabies, a much more common problem in foxes than bird flu. All three died within hours of intake, which is consistent with rabies as it is nearly 100% fatal. An additional kit that was a sibling of one of the other three did survive but remains blind, which means she will never be released to the wild. The three fox kits were sampled for avian flu. Those tests were sent to the Michigan State University veterinary and diagnostic laboratory, which returned as non-negative on May 6th, 2022. Notice it didn’t say positive. It just said non-negative, which presumes it’s positive. That’s because the testing that they’re using is not good.

The kits’ mouths, noses, and brains were swabbed in a postmortem examination to help researchers understand their deaths. It is unclear how the fox kits caught bird flu in the first place. Authorities believe that waterfowl in the area gave the fox kids bird flu even though they don’t have a positive test, just a non-negative test. Of course, this will be used to stoke the fires of fear nationwide that everybody can catch it now. Next thing you know, they’re going to want to mandate a vaccine be put in your arm before you can go to work again for this supposed virus.

The Michigan Department of Agriculture and development website says that there are several symptoms of bird flu. Some symptoms include a significant drop in water consumption, lack of appetite, nasal discharge, and sudden death. When seen in mammals, this is very common for rabies. The sign of rabies in foxes are the inability to walk well, circling, acting aggressive, acting unnaturally tame, inability to drink, and neurological impairment. Were these foxes tested for rabies? Are we simply testing everything with these PCR tests for bird flu when it might be something much more dangerous that we’re overlooking?

Hopefully, anyone that came in contact with these fox kits has already had their rabies vaccine. Everyone working with wildlife, including those who work in the laboratory with samples, should have their rabies vaccine to ensure they are safe because these symptoms don’t appear to be the flu. It’s unclear whether anyone even questioned whether these fox kits could have rabies. Rabies is expected in the canine species and has many of the same symptoms that the authorities are claiming are bird flu. Rabies is typically fatal if a vaccine hasn’t been given before contracting the disease, and three fox kits died. Were these kits previously vaccinated forĀ rabies, or were they just wild animals? Authorities haven’t answered any of these questions, nor do they seem interested in doing so.


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