FIRESTORM: Compromised Attorney General SLAMMED for Weaponizing FBI Against Anti-CRT Parents

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The memorandum sent on Monday by Attorney General Merrick Garland to the FBI indirectly referencing parents as domestic terrorists has ignited a firestorm across the nation. Those activist mom’s and dad’s who publicly voice their opposition at school board meetings concerning the shocking curriculum being forced on their children are now being portrayed by the Biden regime as violent and dangerous groups.

However, it has just been revealed that the attorney general himself may have actually violated federal law.

It seems that the 68-year old Chicago native has a personal and somewhat sordid connection to a data mining firm called Panorama Education that illegally extracts information from children, without parental consent. The company has thus far; successfully evaded federal law that the DOJ is responsible for enforcing.

This is perhaps the reason why Garland is more then eager to distract the public from his questionable dealings, by allowing the FBI to harass and intimidate those concerned parents at school board meetings; however Monday’s memorandum may actually have the opposite effect, especially with those momma bears protecting their children.

Rhode Island mother and activist Nicole Solas, lambasted Garland stating to Just The News that “his mobilization of the FBI against parents is consistent with the complete weaponization of the federal government against ideological opponents.”

The backlash continued with civil rights veteran Bob Woodson going public stating; “It ought to be the parents that need protection from intimidation by school boards and superintendents

Adding; “Nobody’s making a case that lawlessness is being tolerated,” said the founder of the Woodson Center and its 1776 Unites project, which advises school boards on history curricula and publishes its own lessons. “The Department of Justice is creating the impression that parents are “firebombing school board meetings.”

The push-back continued with the head of the Republican Party, Donald Trump weighing in against the Biden overreach, slamming both the DOJ and Attorney General Garland, for planning to monitor parents fighting radical left school boards over CRT curriculum.

Adding, “parents have a voice as to how their children” are to be “brought up and educated.”

It’s very tough because the parents are very wounded by what’s taken place by, in many cases, radical left school boards,” Trump said during an interview with Just-the-News on the John Solomon Reports podcast. “And you would certainly think they have a voice, and they have a voice, as to how their children are going to be educated, brought up and educated.”

By midday, a coalition of parent and civil right groups had come together led by D.C. area Parents Defending Education (PDE), responding to the initial bogus claim made by the National School Boards Association claiming that, “domestic terrorism and hate crimes” regarding those parents with legitimate questions concerning young children forced to wear face masks, along with indoctrinating those children with historically false propaganda, and perhaps even more chilling, using the Patriot Act, as a guise to intimidate parent-led protests.

The association of legitimate protest with terrorism and violence reveals both your contempt for parents and your unwillingness to understand and hear the sincere cries of parents on behalf of their children,” said the signatories, who claim to represent more than 400,000 members.

We will not be bullied,” they said. “We will not have our speech chilled.”

Civic participation is not domestic terrorism,” Wenyuan Wu signatory Californians for Equal Rights Foundation tweeted.

The battle-lines have been drawn; make no mistake that the survival of our children, and their children, to live in an open and free society is at stake.

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