Hillary Clinton’s Response When Asked If She Spied On Trump Says It All

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A reporter from the Daily Mail recently asked Hillary Clinton if she paid operatives to spy on the Trump campaign. The same reporter would go on to ask when Clinton would comment on the spying allegations, but, as expected, Clinton replied by waving her hand and completely blowing off the reporter.

Watch the moment it happened here:

There was no chance Hillary Clinton was going to answer that question. Right now, her entire PR team is working overtime because they have to figure out how to respond to the allegations. More than likely, she will never address the allegation unless Special Counsel John Durham files a subpoena that makes her talk.

In case you are a bit behind, Durham made the shocking discovery that attorneys for Hillary Clinton’s campaign paid a computer tech firm to spy on President Donald Trump and suggests that more than a half-dozen felonies may have been committed in efforts to progress the baseless allegation that Trump conspired with Russia.

After a two-year investigation, Special Counsel Robert Mueller discovered no proof of Russian interference in the 2016 election because there was none. United States Attorney John Durham then was responsible for investigating how the heinous lie came to be and whether any crimes were committed in order to achieve it. Durham was later promoted as special counsel and has so far indicted 3 individuals as he pursues his investigation into wrongs by others.

According To Fox News, Durham discovered that Clinton’s campaign spied on President Trump:

He revealed in a recent federal court filing that Clinton campaign lawyers hired a tech firm to “infiltrate” computer servers housed in Trump Tower, and later, the White House. The goal was to create a “inference” or “narrative” that Trump was colluding with Russia and then feed the fabricated information to the FBI in order to trigger an investigation into him.

The methods used to carry out the blatant character assassination were remarkably cunning. According to  Durham, the tech firm used its access to unauthorized and privately held online data on web servers at Trump Tower in NYC and the White House. It was the equivalent of breaking into a computer, except that the technicians had special access because the company was performing “resolution services” on those highly sensitive accounts.

The internet investigators then infiltrated the servers without permission. Once inside, they took ambiguous information and repackaged it as devious back-channel correspondence between Trump and Alfa Bank, a Russian-linked major bank. It was implied that Trump and his associates were communicating with Russia in secret.

Naturally, the media was tipped off and erupted with ludicrous assertions that President Trump was a Russian asset. In reality, much of the hacked data from the technology firm turned out to be regular Net traffic, including computer advertising from a sales promotional email company with a server in Trump Tower.

Surprisingly, the unauthorized intrusions continued after the new president took office, but no proof of Russian collusion was found since it was all just a clever hoax concocted by Hilary Clinton and her cultists. Hillary had others do her dirty deeds for her while she kept a safe distance. Hopefully, the next time Clinton is asked a question it will be under oath in a Court House.

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