Inside Job: Military Arrest Air Force Member Who Allegedly Attacked American Base

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An arrest has been made by military law enforcement of an airman in connection to an attack that occurred in April at a United States military base in Syria, which resulted in the injuries of four United States service members.

On June 16, as part of an investigation, an Airman was placed under arrest in connection with the incident that took place in Green Village, Syria. A spokesman for the Air Force stated the military decided to place the airman in military custody after examining the facts that were uncovered throughout the inquiry.

At this stage, the Pentagon is maintaining its silence and will not provide any further details. The individual’s name will not be made public unless they decide to press charges against them. A charge sheet cannot be prepared at this point in the investigation. According to the statement.

In the beginning, US authorities stated that the incident that took place on April 7 was caused by indirect fire on the base in a manner that was comparable to rocket and mortar attacks that were carried out in the region by local militia groups. One week later, however, the military released a statement claiming that after “additional investigation,” it was thought that the attack was the result of “deliberate insertion of explosive charges by an unidentified individual(s) at an ammunition storing area and shower facility.”.

The authorities have stated that the incident occurred in the middle of the night, and they have discovered CCTV tape that shows two occurrences of a figure moving fast. It is not entirely obvious whether or not the two different pieces of tape depict the same individual.

In addition to this, they are investigating whether sentries were stationed at either location. They claim that it is not apparent whether the timing of the attack implies that the perpetrator was not intending to cause mass deaths or whether the perpetrator was seeking to get away as quietly and fast as possible.

After the explosions, the four injured service members were evaluated and given treatment for traumatic brain injuries; however, they were able to return to their duties later in the month of April.

Following the event, the United States Central Command, which is responsible for operations in Syria, opened a commander’s investigation. However, when it became apparent that the explosive sequence was not caused by enemy fire, the investigation was transferred to the Criminal Investigation Division, according to the officials.

As of now, there are still over 900 US troops in Syrian under Biden’s command.

The big question is, however, who is the airman and who is he working for? Was he part of a terrorist organization or was he simply following someone’s commands within the Pentagon? It wouldn’t be far-fetched to think so considering the Department of Defense claimed there were WMDs in Iraq when none were ever found. The Pentagon in the 60s also planned to attack American bases and blame it on the Cubans but JFK turned down the DoD plan which would later be deemed as Operation Northwoods.

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