Jan 6th Protestors Still in Jail While Leftist Protestors in Front of Supreme Court Justice Homes Free To Hold Our Republic Hostage

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More than 725 protesters on January 6th were arrested for walking through our nation’s capital and taking pictures. Let us not forget that many of these same protesters stayed within the velvet ropes on the paths meant for touring the grounds, and that many of them were let in by the nation’s capital police. Let us also not forget that Nancy Pelosi refused to allow the forces that Donald Trump requested be present on the grounds.

All of this aside, we currently have a situation where in the Justices of our Supreme Court have been doxed by a group of radicals called RuthSentUs, which are protesting outside of their homes, contrary to federal law, and yet we have zero arrests. In addition to that, there is a heavy police presence trying to protect the Supreme Court Justices, which is justifiable, unlike what was allowed to be present at the capitol on January 6th. Curious. If this police presence were to open the doors to the Justices homes so that protesters could go inside, not only would it be a dereliction of duty, but it would be assisting in the commission of a felony.

How can we have a Republic for all if justice is not applied evenly to all groups? Why weren’t those police officers who opened the doors to the capital charged with dereliction of duty or assisting in the commission of a felony? Several of the arrestees on January 6th were charged and convicted of felonies, whether or not you agree with the court that it should be a felony. This means that the police officers who opened the door helped in the commission of a crime. The prosecutor for the case against the capital protesters claims that anyone who participated in the protest was guilty of perpetuating the violence. Does this include the police officers that essentially created a honeypot by opening the doors and motioning to go inside? If this is so, then why hasn’t the RuthSentUs group who doxed our Supreme Court justices been labeled as a terrorist organization and anyone who helped been arrested?

What we are seeing is unprecedented, uneven handling of American citizens in violation of the 14th amendment before the judiciary, based upon their political alliances, which is never supposed to happen in this country if we still are under the constitution. This is an affront to justice, an affront to equal protection under the law, and a moral violation in which we are supposed to treat all people equally. In the Commonwealth of Virginia, it is illegal to protest at someone’s home. According to senator Tom Cotton, harassing and threatening Supreme Court justices at their homes is breaking the law and that everyone there should be arrested.

Unsurprisingly the Biden administration remains silent about this obvious disregard for federal law and painful parallels to the January 6th protest without equal outcomes. It’s clear the party of equity only means equity for them. However, at least one lawmaker has decided to stand up and take on the protesters to protect our Supreme Court justices, governor Youngkin of Virginia.


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