Nancy Pelosi Looks Like She’s DRUNK In New Video

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A new video of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has gone viral and for all the wrong reasons too. During one of her most recent press briefings, Pelosi completely butchered her speech in such a way that made it appear as if she was under the influence of alcohol. The 81-year-old lawmaker was delivering a speech about how Putin is violating human rights on a daily basis but was completely unable to make any intelligent utterance at any point during her speech.

Just take a look at her speaking here:

After watching Pelsoi’s disastrous press briefing, social media users immediately called the Democratic lawmaker from California a drunk while others claimed she had dementia. It has not been clarified whether or not Pelosi was drinking behind the podium but one thing is very clear and that’s Putin doesn’t fear a nation that has Nancy Pelosi as a leader.

Over the past several years several lawmakers and notable people have claimed Pesloi has a drinking problem. USA Today even reported that Game Show Host Chuck Woolery even believes Pelosi is a drunk.


A claim made in 2019 by game show host Chuck Woolery regarding House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and her purported spending on alcohol during flights has resurfaced in a viral March 9 Facebook posting.

“Nancy Pelosi’s bill for alcohol on her flights from Washington to San Fran every week? We pay for it,” the post reads, accompanied by an image of Pelosi, D-Calif. “1000 dollars. On average 52,000 a year for booze. Tax payer money. Thank you very much.”

“Shouldn’t be from our dime, actually our many dollars !” the user captioned the post, which has over 800 shares.

Rep. Madison Cawthorn of North Carolina also informed a roomful of supporters that Nancy Pelosi had a “drinking problem” during one of his latest public appearances.

‘Rules apply to thee, but not to me.’ Cawthorn said about Pelosi. “I’ll tell you that I have to interact with her every single day, so please pray for me,” Cawthorn continued to say. Besides Cawthorn, House Minority Leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy, who is a Republican also believes that Pelosi has a drinking problem.

Besides the rumors of having a drinking addiction, Pelosi has had a hard time finding staffers too. A survey that was conducted amongst lawmakers revealed that she has one of the highest turnover rates of staffers than anyone in Congress. So one thing is clear it’s not just Mccarthy and Cawthorn finding Pelosi hard to deal with but her own staffers think so too.

The Democratic party is extremely old and once the age of Pelosi, Schumer, and the Clintons come to the end the party will be hijacked by progressives like AOC which will result in lifelong Democrats finally voting red. The Republican Party is currently being led by Trump who’s up in age himself but Trump’s mental and physical health is in far better condition than Pelosi on any day of the week!

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