Next Pandemic Incoming!

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Watch out America! We have a brand-new pandemic on the horizon. Not content with how the last one turned out, it appears that the powers that be would like us to be aware of an extremely unusual and rare disease called monkeypox. Never mind the fact that less than 100 people have tested positive in the UK and only one in the United States, we should all be afraid that monkeypox could become the new pandemic.

How interesting is it this monkeypox is related to smallpox? There is some speculation that the smallpox vaccine could protect against monkeypox, but don’t let that deter your fear factory from going into overdrive if you just happened to be of the generation that had the smallpox vaccine. No no, no, it’s clear that we must be very concerned about monkeypox, otherwise, it would not be in headlines across the world.

Without any treatment monkeypox in Africa kills up to 10% of the people that catch it. That is without any healthcare whatsoever. Now it has reached the shores of America and has been found by the Massachusetts Department of Health. The patient had been recently through the Canadian border and the diagnosis was confirmed by the Centers for Disease Control and prevention. Thankfully the CDC didn’t decide to ratchet up the fear-mongering and instead said that the person was hospitalized and was in stable condition.

However, not to be outdone the Department of the New York City Department of Health said that it was investigating a “possible” case of monkeypox. New York has been at the forefront of scaremongering everyone since 2020, so take that with a grain of salt. The entire government of the state of New Yorkistan has lost all credibility as far as most people are concerned.

If you happen to be afraid of catching monkeypox, interestingly enough the only difference between monkeypox and smallpox that you can tell of as a layperson is that the lymph nodes sort of swell with monkeypox. Yeah, that’s the difference right there your lymph nodes swell. Everything else, except for the 30% mortality rate, is the same as smallpox. It’s unclear if catching monkeypox will prevent smallpox. They are in the same family of viruses and there’s some suggestion that there could be some cross-protection, but it hasn’t been confirmed.

Somehow no one in the UK, Canada, the US, or pretty much anywhere else knows where this monkeypox originated from. That isn’t to say that they don’t know where the monkeypox virus comes from, they do know that it comes from monkeys mostly in the Democratic Republic of Congo. They also knew that it could go into humans way back in 1970. That is to say that it is a zoonotic disease. However this time no one understands how it ended up in the UK, the US, and other places in Europe. Many of the people who have come down with this monkeypox virus were not traveling or did not have any contact with primates. This may explain the media hysteria around the monkeypox virus, but there are some interesting things that send my Spidey senses tingling that this isn’t just an accident.

Besides the old bill there saying the things that he said, there is some suggestion the monkeypox virus vaccine was created right around the same time that the COVID-19 vaccine was created. What a coincidence? Also, if smallpox and monkeypox are related, then why isn’t the smallpox vaccine good enough to prevent it assuming anyone wants it? The FDA approved the first live, non-replicating vaccine to prevent smallpox and monkeypox in September of 2019. What a coincidence, right?

The real question is, is this actually a concern? Given that less than 100 people in the UK and the United States combined have caught this disease and it’s very difficult to catch without direct fluid transmission, which we know of, we shouldn’t be too concerned with this. What we should be concerned with is the narrative that is being pushed with this monkeypox virus. People are so afraid now of viruses, they may start begging for a vaccine. Profit has always been a motive and they do have a brand new shiny vaccine to try out on the populace. Perhaps that’s the whole reason for pushing this narrative of monkeypox is everywhere. Perhaps it’s just a distraction from high inflation.

Whatever the case may be, we shouldn’t be too afraid. We should however watch very intently how the media and the governments, in particular, react to this virus in an unnatural environment. We should educate ourselves on the difference between monkeypox and smallpox. We should educate ourselves on whether those old smallpox vaccines work on this or not. We shouldn’t just turn a blind eye and ignore it thinking it’s hyperbole, even if it is, but watch how those in power use it and pivot to avoid their use of power.

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