“Nonbinary” Biden Bag Thief Embarrasses Joe Again With Lecture at Los Angeles Kink Conference

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Things are getting a might weird in Washington for Joe Biden and his failing administration. On the heels of our worst economic year in over a decade, and with growing instability across the globe, poor Joe now has to deal with the stunning revelations from Twitter as to how the Democrats manipulated social media and installed Joe Biden as president in what it turns out wasn’t exactly the most secure election in history. Go figure. To compound matters, Biden seems to be growing increasingly feeble, both of mind and body, and even many Democrats are concerned about who will run against the GOP in 2024. However, one particularly naughty member of the Biden administration (not Hunter this time), has been making the rounds, stealing bags at airports, dressing up in ladies clothing, and recently giving a particularly disturbing seminar in Los Angeles.

Sam Brinton, who was placed on leave at the Department of Energy after stealing a suitcase full of women’s clothes, has been stirring up drama and trying on outfits all over the country recently. However, rather than lay low after his suspension from the Department of Energy for suitcase-napping, Brinton decided it would be a fantastic opportunity to educate like-minded folks at the Los Angeles kink conference. No, it wasn’t about classic British rock. Check this out.

Sam Brinton last weekend delivered a seminar on the science of spanking and “turning butts red” at a Los Angeles kink conference. Speaking under the pseudonym “NuclearNerd,” Brinton delivered the hands-on “Spanking: From Calculus To Chemistry” seminar at the Leather Getaway conference.

If one were to guess, Brinton probably didn’t receive enough of those spankings during his formative years but gets his fair share of them now. Considering the broken moral compass that the left possesses, it’s surprising that this wasn’t labeled as a “family friendly kink conference”. What would possess a government official that is already in hot water without a bath bomb to decide the timing is right to teach other grown men how to paddle each other’s fannies? Oh wait, I already mentioned the broken moral compass.

Brinton, who was named deputy assistant secretary of the Office of Spent Fuel and Waste Disposition at the Department of Energy in June, knows a thing or two about spanking. The federal official gets reps in at regular “kink parties” Brinton hosts in their Washington, D.C., “dungeon,” according to the bureaucrat’s presenter bio on the conference’s website.

“As a graduate of MIT, NuclearNerd has been teaching their ‘Physics of Kink’ class in universities and community events across the country for years,” the bio states. “They have been active in the kink world since 2013, host monthly kink parties in their dungeon in Washington, DC, and estimate they have spanked over 2,000 cute butts.”

It remains to be seen if this is the same dungeon Joe Biden hid out in during the run up to the 2020 election, but it’s not off the table. This is America in 2022. Specifically, this is the Biden Administration. How we got here seems like a fuzzy, fevered dream except now we can’t wake up from it.

Brinton uses the same NuclearNerd pseudonym for an active profile on the fetish hookup app Recon, according to the Daily Mail. On Oct. 27, the bureaucrat was charged with felony theft for swiping a Vera Bradley suitcase, which with its contents was worth $2,325, from the Minneapolis-Saint Paul airport.

Brinton faces up to five years in prison if convicted of felony theft. A hearing for Brinton’s case is scheduled to take place in Minneapolis on Dec. 19.

Perhaps Brinton will go to prison where he can live out his dream on a daily, and nightly basis. However, judging by what Sam looks like in lipstick and an off the shoulder blouse, he might be pretty lonely in lockup. Even prisoners have standards.


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