Pentagon: China and climate change pose national security threats

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The Pentagon on Wednesday announced that both communist China and climate change are equally important national security threats currently facing America.

U.S. Department of Defense spokesman, John Kirby, told Fox News, “Both are equally important. Both are challenges that the secretary wants the senior leadership at the Pentagon to be focused on, as well as many others too.”

Adding; “I think we get paid to examine all the threats to our national security. And I don’t know that it does anybody good to put some sort of relative analysis assessment on that,” he said when Fox News’ Lucas Tomlinson asked whether China or the climate was a bigger threat to the U.S.

You’ve heard the secretary talk about the climate as a real and existential national security threat,” he continued. “And it is not just to the United States, but to countries all over the world.”

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi admitted on Tuesday, during her trip to Scotland for the United Nations Climate Summit, that the U.S. military is “a larger polluter than 140 countries combined.”

We have been nothing but honest about the fact that we are the largest emitter here, in the federal government,” Kirby said “We know that. And that’s…one of the reasons why we’re taking the climate crisis so very seriously, because we are a contributor to those emissions and we know that.”

Meanwhile Deputy Defense Secretary, Kathleen Hicks, on Tuesday announced a plan by the military to launch a new fleet of electric vehicles as part of Biden’s push to do away with fossil fuel.

Hicks also outlined a plan to beef up its supply chains for lithium batteries.

Batteries are also essential to thousands of military systems, from handheld radios to unmanned submersibles, and to future capabilities like lasers, directed energy weapons, and hybrid electric tactical vehicles,” she explained.

However, Hicks acknowledged that currently China owns the supply chain on lithium batteries.

It is estimated that investments committed to the global lithium-ion battery supply chain are approaching a trillion dollars,” she continued. “The problem, however, is that China presently dominates that supply chain.”

Adding; “Every dollar we spend recovering from the effects of climate change is one dollar the department is not investing to meet other priorities,” Hicks said. “In the face of these increasingly challenging conditions, the Department of Defense must remain ready to defend the nation.”

Meanwhile the real threat to our national security interests isn’t climate change, as much as the WOKE establishment would like us to believe, but China’s advanced military capabilities targeting America’s warships. A new report just released by the Pentagon has China’s military using full-scale targets of U.S. warships in a desert region known for ballistic missile testing is the latest incident of China’s growing aggression towards the United States.

The imagery was captured by U.S. satellites from the U.S Naval Institute, following another Pentagon report last week that confirms another worrisome trend concerning China’s nuclear warhead program that could have over 1,000 warheads by the end of the decade, if they continue working at their accelerating pace.

Moreover, China’s recent test of its hypersonic missile technology, capable of evading U.S. defense systems by orbiting the Earth, caught America completely off guard.

According to Michael Griffin, a former undersecretary of defense for research and engineering, “I’m not one to mince words, it is an arms race.”

Adding, “And we didn’t start it.”

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