Pentagon Establishes New UFO Department

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In a press statement issued on Wednesday, the Pentagon revealed that it would be launching a new office whose only mission will be to investigate sightings of unidentified flying objects.

It will be known as the All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO), and its primary responsibility will be to gather and investigate the many reports of UFO activity that come from the numerous government departments in the United States.

The Department of Defense released this official press release regarding the new UFO department:

“The mission of the AARO will be to synchronize efforts across the Department of Defense, and with other U.S. federal departments and agencies, to detect, identify and attribute objects of interest in, on or near military installations, operating areas, training areas, special use airspace and other areas of interest, and, as necessary, to mitigate any associated threats to safety of operations and national security,” the press release explained. “This includes anomalous, unidentified space, airborne, submerged and transmedium objects.”

Following intense lobbying and information leaks from organizations such as Tom Delonge’s To the Stars Academy, the Department of Defense (DoD) made a number of revelations about unexplained aerial phenomena (UAP), which led to the establishment of the new office.

Credible witnesses, including pilots in the United States Navy, have come forward and detailed their encounters with unidentified flying objects (UFOs). One recent video from the Navy that was obtained by a UFO enthusiast and later confirmed by the Pentagon showed what appeared to be a UFO vanishing into the water. This may help to explain why the new office is focusing on “transmedium” objects, which are objects that can move between space, the air, and underneath the water.

In June of 2021, the Director of National Intelligence for the Pentagon issued a report on the phenomena that was nine pages long in response to demand from both Congress and the general public. The investigation of more over one hundred observations resulted in few findings being included in the report. The Director of National Intelligence (DNI) said in the report that “Explaining UAP would require an investment in analytical, collection, and resource investment.” After a year has passed, it would seem that Congress has reached a consensus to invest in that resource.

Provisions for the establishment of the AARO were included in the National Defense Authorization Act for the fiscal year 2022. Dr. Sean M. Kirkpatrick, who is currently the top scientist at the Defense Intelligence Agency’s Missile and Space Intelligence Center, will be in charge of running the organization and will report to the Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence and Security.

According to a biography of Kirkpatrick that was supplied by the Pentagon, he received his Ph.D. for his work in “nonlinear and nonequilibrium phonon dynamics of rare earth doped fluoride crystals” and began working for the Pentagon as soon as he graduated from graduate school. He worked for the CIA as well as the Defense Intelligence Agency, where he researched and developed nanofabrication methods for the Air Force and manufactured lasers for the Navy.

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