Pfizer and Moderna Seek CFO’s Outside of Big Pharma

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Pfizer and Moderna have both decided to pick CFO’s that are outside of the pharmaceutical industry. On Monday both Moderna and Pfizer hired different CFO’s. Day David Denton will be the new CFO of Pfizer and will take over May 2nd from Frank D’Amelio. David Denton was previously the CFO of CVS Health and the financial chief of Lowe’s. There has been no filing on Denton’s compensation for taking this new position.

On Monday Moderna hired Jorge Gomez, who was the financial chief at Cardinal Health and was most recently the CFO at Dentsply Sirona, which is a dental supply company. He will be replacing David Meline on May 9th. Jorge Gomez will receive his initial base salary of $700,000 and will be eligible for an annual cash bonus of $500,000 as well as a new hire equity award of $4,000,000.

The timing of the CFO’s of both Pfizer and Moderna stepping down does seem to peak one’s interest. After so many reports of vaccine injuries due to the COVID-19 vaccine, one does have to wonder how much these CFO’s are trying to get out of the game while the getting out is good. Of course, insiders state that it is a natural conclusion now that the pandemic has wound down that these two men that benefited the most from the pandemic, and that produced vaccines which are harming people, would suddenly want to end their careers like this. However insiders attribute it to age and it being a lull between emergencies.

“It is not a coincidence in my mind,” Josh Crist, co-managing partner at executive search firm Crist|Kolder Associates, wrote in an email of the one-two punch of C-suite news. “Both Frank [D’Amelio at Pfizer] and David [Meline at Moderna] are of retirement age … so with a bit of a ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ and both companies stabilizing within their new normal, now is the time to make the move.”

Broadly across industries, turnover in CFO, CEO, and COO seats has risen steadily over the last two years in the wake of pandemic-related and supply chain pressures, Crist said. “I believe we’ll start now to see an even greater leap into early retirement as those C-level executives who have either wanted to or [have] been asked to get their company through the pandemic, and have done so, will start to exit. They will carry battle scars with them to an early retirement.”

While this is a very convenient excuse to leave the seats of Pfizer and Moderna for these CFO’s, it behooves the public to question their true motives. It is now at this time, clear that some people have severe reactions to the COVID-19 vaccine. Pfizer’s own data showed that there were severe reactions to the COVID-19 vaccine before the FDA even approved it under emergency authorization. So at least Pfizer’s CFO knew that this was going to be a catastrophe at some point.

Right now, we are in between that time when we know there is something wrong with a product and the government doing something about that product. The lawsuits have not started to fly yet, and let us not forget that Pfizer and Moderna are both immune to lawsuits. The only entities left to sue are the CFO’s of Pfizer and Moderna, the government itself, either the FDA, the CDC, or the federal governments, or the state governments if they mandated the vaccine. Since the companies cannot be held liable, this means the people in charge of those companies might be held liable. This would be a really good reason to step down as CFO from Pfizer and Moderna right now. Let’s not forget that the Pfizer CFO refused to be vaccinated with his own product as well.

Perhaps lay low for a few years before you decide to go back into the business world, especially if you’re young enough, which some of these CFO’s seem to be. This is just wild speculation, but it does merit exploration of this possibility. We have regulatory agencies for a reason. They failed the American public. If in pursuing justice for the COVID-19 vaccine injured, these regulatory agencies are protected by the courts, and the government on all levels is protected by the courts, it is possible that they would go after the CFO’s in court. We will see.

He still has not been vaccinated either.

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