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Twitter user, jikkyleaks, which says it is a fan account, pointed out on May 9th some interesting data from the Pfizer document dump. There were two sites from the Pfizer documents that showed up as major anomalies. Site 1231 is the largest recruiter in Argentina. It recruited 4501 patients which is 10% of all patients at the one site within three weeks. Site 1231 was the Military Central Hospital.

It is odd that the principal investigator who is a medical doctor of a major international study recruited four thousand $500 patients in three weeks at one site. Additionally, there appears to be no gaps which means there was a recruitment every day including Saturday and Sunday. Clinical trial recruitment on the weekend is odd as staff are needed to fill out many forms and there are potential risks to the trial so they must be medical staff. So, who is the head investigator? His name is Fernando Polack. The same Fernando Pollack who claims to be at Vanderbilt University as an adjunct professor in the United States at the same time. He was also a consultant until may 2017 for the Food and Drug administration in the United states. How was Doctor Pollack, who was supposed to be employed by Infant Foundation, which is funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, in Buenos Aires Argentina, also working as an adjunct professor at Vanderbilt University? This isn’t the only inconsistency with Doctor Pollack. He acknowledged to the FDA that he had a financial and professional relationship with some of the firms identified at the meeting for the COVID-19 vaccine, specifically Janssen, Nova vax, and Bavarian Nordic. So why is the FDA taking advice from someone who has a conflict of interest?

this has got to be the busiest doctor on the planet. One has to wonder what kind of credentials he has to be in so many places, consulted by so many agencies, and conducting so many trials, at the same time. How does he do it? Teleportation? Does he have a new kind of time and space travel? That’s not all though, this doctor still found time to be the lead author on the BNT162B2 paper alongside all of Pfizer scientists of course.

In the midst of doing all of this he managed to find time to recruit 4500 patients in three weeks with each patient requiring 250 pages of case report forms. That’s a total of 1,125,000 pages of case report forms in three weeks. But hey, let’s just assume this is all legit and he was capable of doing it with enough support staff.

Next we get to site 4444. There were 270 different clinical recruitment sites for the Pfizer vaccine study numbered consecutively from 1001 to 1270. There is no site 1271 in fact there is no site above 1270. This is a problem because there are a lot of entries in the randomization log for site 4444. It has a total of 1275 patients which is 3% of the total patience. And all of these 1275 patients were recruited in one week from the 22nd to the 27th of September 2020.

What’s so special about the week of the 22nd of September 2020? That just so happens to be the last week that recruitment could take place for the data cutoff before the FDA meeting in December. So there’s a couple of problems with this. This site does not exist. It is completely fabricated. There is no principal investigator for site 4444 because it never existed. One theory is that they needed enough numbers of positive PCR tests in the placebo group to show a difference between the groups for the VRBPAC meeting on the 10th of December. So site 4444 gave them their perfect results and voila it’s all done. So, it can be proven now that the Pfizer data given to the FDA on December 10th was fabricated, and the shots were approved under the Emergency Authorization Use Act without proper vetting, without proper documentation, without a proper review, and with no clear indication it was necessary in the first place.

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