POLL: Latinos Disapproval of Biden Outpaces White Voters

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With more than 3 years left in office, Bidens approval rating continues to plummet to historic lows with a majority of Americans in almost every category disapproving of Bidens job performance. Even among black Americans, Biden’s strongest supporters, the president’s approval rating has dropped nearly 25% since taking office. Much of it due to the vaccine mandate, in which a majority of black voters continue to reject.

In a recent survey conducted by the Marist Poll, a stunning 65% of Hispanic respondents disapprove of the presidents job performance, compared to 56% of white voters.

The poll also found only 33% of Latinos approved of Biden’s performance, while 2% were unsure. By contrast, 40% of white voters approved of Biden’s performance and 4% were unsure.

Drilling down further, the survey found that only 11% of Latino voters strongly approve of Biden’s performance, while another 22% simply approve. Those that disapprove of the president’s performance clocked in at 13%, while 52% strongly disapprove.

The fact that Latino voters are so heavily against Biden so early on in his term is a very bad sign for the Democrats going into the 2022 midterm election, especially considering that Latino voters are the second largest voting block by ethnicity.

According to political commentator Nate Hochman over at the National Review, “The Democratic Party’s catering support with Hispanics is now unambiguous, poll after poll shows a rapid rightward swing in the demographic, and Glenn Youngkin’s outright victory with Hispanics in the Virginia gubernatorial election demonstrated that this is no longer an abstract discussion.”

While the Democratic Party has lurched to the extreme left, most Latinos have remained center/right. Being more focused on family, the economy, and more traditional Hispanic roots concerning religious practices which the Democratic Party has abandoned in favor of a more secular ideology.

As the Democrats continue to move leftward on culture, Hispanics, a heavily Christian, family-oriented demographic will increasingly make sense as a Republican constituency,” Hochman wrote in a separate National Review piece.

The economy is also effecting Latinos negatively, and area where Biden has failed miserably. Since taking office, the President has purposely crippled the energy sector by shutting down the Keystone Pipeline and ending drilling on federal lands, resulting in surging gas prices, inflation, and supply chain shortages.

According to a recent CNN report, Biden has the lowest economic rating “of any president at this point through their first term since at least Jimmy Carter in 1977.” He is currently sitting at a -13 point net approval rating in regards to the economy.

To put that in perspective, the average president at this point in the last 44 years (since we have been polling on the topic) had a net economic approval rating of +5 points. That means Biden’s is 18 points worse than the average,” CNN reported.

A survey conducted in 2020 by Pew Research found, “About eight-in-ten Latino registered voters and U.S. voters overall rate the economy as very important to their vote.”

Those numbers should worry Democrats as the economy continues plummeting under Biden. The inflation rate has rose to 6.2%, the highest it’s been since November of 1990.

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