Reincarnated Martian Comes To Earth To Save Us From Ourselves

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Boriska Kipriyanovich, aged 24 years old, claims to be a reincarnated Martian out to save humanity. In an interview, his mother, who is a doctor, said that she always had a feeling there was something special about Boriska. What parent doesn’t? The lady was right, but in what way? She stated that he was able to read, draw, and paint at eighteen months old. Boriska attended kindergarten at the tender age of two. His teacher noticed that he had an extraordinary grasp of language and writing. In an interview, his teacher from kindergarten said that she was astonished by his memory skills. His parents claim they didn’t teach him anything about space in all of this. Instead, they claim that he would sit and talk about Mars all the time as a child. As his interest grew in space and Mars, Boriska began claiming that he was a Martian. Well, if a man can believe he’s a woman, I suppose Boriska can believe that he’s a Martian even though there is no evidence that Martians ever existed, according to NASA. He does appear to have an extensive catalog of information related to the planets and space.

Boriska claims that he was sent to earth to save humanity from itself. He claims that the Martian race he was a part of before his current incarnation wiped itself out through nuclear war thousands of years ago. He maintains that humans will meet the same fate if they don’t manage the situation better than the Martians. He states that he is not the only child from space and that there are many sent with the same mission that he has. Boriska claims that the reincarnated Martian race is called “Indigo children.”

“Indigo children” or “Indigo Child” is a New Age concept that believes certain children possess unique supernatural abilities. The idea initially came out in the 1970s from Nancy Ann Tappe, Lee Carroll, and Jan Tober. A resurgence of interest occurred in the 1990s when Boriska was born. There has been no scientific evidence of the existence of “Indigo Children” or their supposed supernatural abilities. Many of the traits that parents use to describe their “indigo child” are vague enough that they could be applied to most children. Some professionals claim parents label their child as an “Indigo child” to avoid diagnosis for an actual mental illness and imply poor parenting, narcissistic parenting, or mental illness on the part of the parent.

Boriska further claims that some of his race survived the initial nuclear blasts and still live on Mars even though our Rovers can’t find them. When speaking about his previous life as a Martian, he said they were all very tall and stopped aging at 35 years old. He stated that they were capable of interstellar and time travel. Perhaps they all disappear into wormholes the minute we have a spacecraft fly by or a rover nearby. Also, they were constantly waging wars with other Martians. Boriska is described as a boy with an I.Q. of 200, but there is no official record of an I.Q. test ever being performed. He claims that he was a pilot for Mars in his past life.


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