The Epic Ballad of Kyle Rittenhouse

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On November 2nd, 2021, the trial against Kyle Rittenhouse began. At the time, the seventeen-year-old from Illinois went to Kenosha, Wisconsin to help clean up during the riots and looting on August 25th, 2020 for the third night of “protesting” over the Jacob Black shooting on August 22nd, 2020. The young man claimed to have been a Blue Lives Matter supporter and intended to assist with medical triage throughout the night.

During the night, Kyle was forced to run for his life from protesters, particularly Jason Rosenbaum, a convicted child molester and one of the three men shot by Rittenhouse. Rosenbaum allegedly lunged for Kyle’s weapon not once, but twice. Another man struck Kyle in the head with a skateboard and was shot in the face and killed, and finally a third man was shot in the bicep after aiming his handgun at the teenager while approaching.

The majority of the mainstream media have been very careful not to speak about the “victims” of Kyle Rittenhouse and that could be because it hurts their talking points. Not only were all three men white, and not black, which makes the idea of Kyle Rittenhouse being a White Supremacist silly, but they were criminals. Two of these men weren’t convicted of petty or nuisance crimes either.

According to the Daily Caller who identified the victims on August 28, 2020, (three days after the shooting) all three men have had some serious trouble with the law.  First there’s Jason Rosenbaum. “Rosenbaum was convicted of sexual conduct with a minor in 2002, according to the Wisconsin Department of Corrections sex offender registry, government records showed.” He’d also just been released from a mental health rehabilitation center that very day. According to the Daily Caller, Rosenbaum also had two cases pending in Kenosha; one for skipping bail and the other for at least two counts of domestic abuse, disorderly conduct, and battery.

Next is Anthony Huber, who “in 2012… was found guilty of felonious strangulation, two counts of domestic abuse, false imprisonment and use of a dangerous weapon, records show. Huber was again found guilty in 2018, this time of disorderly conduct, domestic abuse and repeat offender charges, according to online documents.”

Finally, we have Gaige Grosskreutz who had a “prior misdemeanor conviction for intoxicated use of a firearm in Wisconsin, online records show. He received probation in that 2015 case, records reveal. In January 2021, he was accused of second-offense drunk driving, but the case was dismissed on a prosecutor’s motion. He was found guilty of a 2019 forfeiture for obedience to officers and loud noises in Ashland, Wisconsin.”

Throughout this trial there have been stunning admissions from the Prosecution’s own witnesses, which rested their case on Tuesday, November 9th, 2021.

Tucker Carlson from Tucker Carlson, Tonight! outlined the entirety of the epic ballad of one Kyle Rittenhouse. He goes through several blunders of the prosecution during the nearly 12-minute segment and offers some commonsense news reporting that makes it clear that, in his opinion at least, there has been a serious miscarriage of justice in Rittenhouse being charged with murder in the first place.

We highly recommend watching the entire segment on Rittenhouse.

Another witness, Nathan DeBruin was also asked to explain what happened when the prosecution subpoenaed him for the photos he may or may not have had during the night. Nathan is a freelance photojournalist.

“We had you read over your statement, right?” Kraus asked DeBruin.

“Correct,” DeBruin responded.

“And we asked if you knew anything beyond that statement?” Kraus followed up.

“Correct,” DeBruin said.

“We didn’t ask you to change it?” Kraus asked, almost sounding confused.

“Yes, you did,” DeBruin answered.

Watch the video below!

Tuesday ended the state’s case and began the defense’s case.

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