Is The Twitter Board is Working Feverishly to Stop Elon? Here’s Why Some Think They Are

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Will Elon win a massive victory in the battle for free speech, or with the censors and tyrants stop him before he can even get going?

If you believe markets are free, fair, and relatively sane, then it looks like Elon has Twitter in a “checkmate” type situation: he’s offered a hefty premium for every share of stock, so the board should, because of its fiduciary duty to shareholders, need to accept his offer and let him buy Twitter. So much was pointed out by a number of people on Twitter, including Elon himself:

If the current Twitter board takes actions contrary to shareholder interests, they would be breaching their fiduciary duty.

The liability they would thereby assume would be titanic in scale

Twitter management job is to make share holders money. Elon is offering a quick 38% and they are going to fight that. Another myth of capitalism on display right now. These public markets are frauds. Twitter execs would be marched into jail under a functioning free market system.

Seems Elon has Twítter in check mate. Either they sell or they blatantly go against their mandate to maximize shareholder value, which even the most liberal judge couldn’t dispute.

Elon Musk is offering almost $9 more a share for Twitter than yesterday’s closing price to buy all of it… only a fool or someone intentionally trying to limit free speech in the world would turn that down.

But, as we all know, the real goal of those behind Twitter isn’t to make a massive return for shareholders, it’s to censor those who question regime talking points. So, Twitter execs are reportedly working “feverishly” to try and stop the buyout before it’s too late. They’d rather lose money for shareholders and censor than let Elon’s hostile takeover happen and maximize shareholder value.

In fact, rumor on Twitter has it that the Twitter execs are working with Democrats to try and stop the takeover:

Decent chance Warren or some other dem lawmaker introduces legislation trying to stop musk because her staff is crying right now

100% Biden’s handlers weaponize the SEC to block Elon’s Twitter bid.

Yep. It will be difficult for Twitter to reject an all-cash offer for a premium of nearly 50% over what the stock was worth before Musk got involved.

At this point, you have to assume Twitter’s corrupt board is begging the Biden admin to block the whole thing for them.

For now those rumors are just rumors, but they make sense in the context of what Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal told Twitter employees after Elon’s offer was announced. He, trying to raise morale said that the company was not being “held hostage” by Elon’s offer, according to Reuters.

If the offer is one that the execs have a fiduciary duty to accept, then how is the company not being held hostage? A likely explanation is that the execs think they can pressure the government to get them out of the tricky situation they’ve found themselves in.

Perhaps they have some other trick up their sleeve, but it sure seems like they at least think that they can use political connections to get out of the situation Elon has put them in.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

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