‘This Is Clear Child Abuse’ Outrage Is Sparked by a Video of All-Ages Drag Performance in Front of Kids.

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Outrage and concern that the extreme left is attempting to mainstream the sexualization of youngsters have been stoked by a raunchy video of an all-ages drag concert in Texas that featured sexually provocative dancing in front of children.

After attending the event in Plano, Texas, Sara Gonzales, anchor of The News and Why It Matters at BlazeTV, said on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” on Tuesday that the drag show was a part of a dangerous pattern she dubbed “sexual abuse of children.” She issued a warning that the extreme left is attempting to normalize the presence of kids at these kinds of rallies.

This is something that was overtly sexual,” she stated. “And now apparently the left is gaslighting me into thinking that I’m somehow the crazy one for having a problem with this.”

A forthcoming drag show’s poster stated that kids could attend with a parent or legal guardian, according to “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”  Gonzales asserted that she thinks there are parents in these areas who are opposed to bringing kids to drag events but may be hesitant to express their opinions.

They’re scared of being canceled,” she stated. “My message to them is: you have to be on the right side of history here because eventually we will win out, and you don’t want to be caught on the wrong side or excusing this behavior. It’s absolutely inexcusable, and anyone who does not stand up and speak out about it is just as culpable, quite frankly.”

Gonzales said that sending kids to drag events and exposing them to adult situations is all a part of a “sinister” plot to radicalize the whole nation, which she claimed could only be done via confusion.

And what is the best way to confuse children? Confuse them about their sexuality, confuse them about their gender, expose them to things that their little brains are not ready for yet,” Sara continued. “It is leading to chaos, and big daddy government, of course, can be there to pick us all up and take care of us at the end of it.”

Featured Image from screenshot on YouTube from #FoxNews #TuckerCarlsonTonight

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