TRAGIC: Baby Drowns In Bath When Mother Faints After Getting COVID Jab

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A “tragic accident” was the conclusion of an inquest into the drowning death of a nine-month old baby whose mother fainted while giving her daughter a bath just one day after receiving her first dose of the COVID jab. The baby’s father discovered the bathroom door blocked by the body of his unconscious wife and the baby’s body floating face down in the bath water.

Louise Atkinson of Dorset, England, had received the AstraZeneca vax in March 2021, twenty-four hours before she bathed her nine-month-old daughter, Eleanor, called Ellie, and the jab is suspected of producing an adverse reaction. Atkinson had decided to give little Ellie a surgical wash prior to taking her to hospital for heart surgery.  Ellie has been born premature, causing her to have a heart defect and be underweight due to feeding issues.

Atkinson complained about being stressed over her daughter’s upcoming procedure and said she had struggled to sleep or eat in the days beforehand due to ‘anxiety’ about it. There was also the added stress of arranging Covid tests for her and her husband so they could accompany Ellie during her planned ten-day stay in hospital, the [inquest] hearing heard.

Atkinson’s husband decribed arriving home from a dentist appointment and discovering the door to the bathroom closed, calling it unusual:

I started to push the door open but I couldn’t open it. I pushed it harder and that’s when I saw Louise on the floor and Ellie in the bath. I forced my way in through the door and picked Ellie out of the bath. I laid Ellie on the floor and started CPR and made a call to the emergency services. I was trying to do two things at once with the speaker phone next to me. I did CPR until the paramedics attended and took over.

In a surprising twist, Atkinson received a SECOND dose of the AstraZeneca vax just months after her fainting episode and blacked out again while visiting Ellie’s grave.  She was helped by a passerby who saw her fall.

At the inquest Atkinson said that looking back she had felt strange and not herself after getting her first dose, and after her second black-out was assessed by medical professionals who determined her reaction to the jab was a contributory factor. Other contributing factors included stress over Ellie’s impending surgery which caused her to lose her appetite and lack of sleep. In both fainting episodes Atkinson said she remembers crouching down and then next thing she was being helped up. There were two other times in her life when she fainted, she explained at the inquest, and both occured during her teens.

Brendan Allen, Dorset assistant coroner, summed up the investigation by saying that “Ellie was having a bath at home supervised by her mother when her mother collapsed and fell unresponsive. Ellie was found by her father unresponsive in the bath and the paramedics were called. She was transferred to Southampton Hospital where she died.” Allen recorded the death as accidental.

Ellie drowned in three inches of water and may have been submerged for as long as thirty minutes.

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