UFO Encounters Left HUNDREDS of Servicemen With Brain Damage & Some Dead Says Ex-CIA Top Brain Expert

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An ex-CIA officer and top forensic neuroimaging scientist has claimed that during his time working with the CIA, hundreds of servicemen suffered brain damage and some even died after encounters with UFOs.

Detroit Professor Christopher Green worked with the CIA since the 1960s and in 2010 he was commissioned to conduct research and to produce a report paper on behalf of a $22 million top secret defense program set up to monitor UFOs.

Green was assigned to study and record incidents which resulted in individual’s suffering injuries after close encounters with unidentified crafts.

In an exclusive interview with the Daily Mail, Green stated that “hundreds of patients” had sustained serious brain injuries and conditions after encountering mysterious unidentified crafts, and around one in ten died within seven years.

Although some of the injuries closely resembled ‘Havana Syndrome’ which government intelligence thinks might be caused by enemy attacks on the USA using forms of radiation, Green’s research notes that the some of the injuries in question pre-date the spate of injuries at the Cuban embassy which gave the condition its name in 2016 by decades.

An unclassified version of Green’s paper is available to read online. Entitled ‘Clinical Medical Acute & Subacute Field Effects on Human Dermal & Neurological Tissues’, some of the related symptoms include Multiple Sclerosis-like nerve damage, brain damage and burns in patients all of whom had experienced ‘CE-III-IV events’, or ‘Close Encounters of the Third and Fourth Kind’.

A ’Third Kind’ encounter relates to the individual interacting with the UFO in some way, while in a ‘Fourth Kind’ encounter a human is abducted by the UFO.

Last December, Congress approved a funding for a UFO-monitoring program which includes “an assessment of any health-related effects for individuals that have encountered unidentified aerial phenomena.”

 A newly released report from a former, similar government program which closed in 2012 also confirmed that numerous individuals had experienced serious injuries after encounters with strange objects.

Of course, an ‘unidentified flying object’ does not necessarily or solely relate to little green men or spaceships. An enemy vehicle which has not been identified by the military is also a UFO.

Green makes it clear in his report that every injury related to the events can be explained by real-world scenarios and science, such as ‘pulsed electromagnetic waves’ from a hostile device.

But Green also said that he hadn’t ruled out the possibility of space alien involvement in the paper either. In his writing, he details the testimonials of the servicemen patients themselves, some of whom reported other-worldly experiences which were backed up by eye-witness accounts and radar information.

Some servicemen reported seeing “big silent drones” which “hovered and moved in odd ways”, “showed emanations of funny lights, patterns and strobes”,changed shape” or even “instantaneously appeared and disappeared”.

“Some of them did come close, and make them become unconscious and they woke up burned or injured,” explained the professor.

Frighteningly, a handful of the patients said that had encountered “something cloaked that was a human being”.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, the professor said the Defense Intelligence Agency was uncomfortable with his references to other worldly beings in his report:

“I had said some things in the paper that they [the DIA] did not want me to say.

“The reason I was told was, I referred to radio frequencies as having to do with alien spacecraft, and UFOs.

“I think that there are serious people in the Department of Defense who believe that some of the objects that are identified as ‘unidentified flying objects’ are real, and are extraterrestrial.

“It’s reasonable that reasonable people are concerned about that.”

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