Video Shows Biden Supporter Getting Handcuffed By Sheriffs At Trump Rally

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A Biden supporter who took it upon herself to wreak havoc at Trump’s rally in Florence, Arizona ended up being thrown out of the event handcuffed. A video that has been getting major retweets on Twitter, depicts a woman causing trouble at Trump’s rally while wearing a Biden 2020 shirt and holding a sign that read “Trump lost Arizona”. The woman was reportedly running around the rally grounds screaming and shouting anti-Trump rhetoric to which she was finally confronted by security to leave.

After refusing to leave at the security guard’s request, the Biden supporter continued to wave her sign around until a man dressed up in an Uncle Sam costume took it from her hands. After her sign was gone she went ballistic and quickly took a sign from a vendor’s table. The security guard continued to urge her to leave the event but she refused his commands and even threatened to punch him in the face.

Finally, the security officer signaled two Sheriffs’s over, who handcuffed and took the lady away.

Besides independent videographers capturing the scene, RSBN’s Brian Glenn also reported the moment live and shared these details:

“They’re actually kicking out the girl, that protester that earlier came by and heckled us,” the Glenn said, before jolting over to the scene.

“This right here!” the Glenn said, pointing at the woman while standing next to her lying face first on the ground beneath two deputies. “This right here is what happens when you come and you become disruptive!”

Watch the moment it occurred here:

The woman’s blatant dislike toward’s Trump raised many questions, and some believe she was paid to be an agent provocateur at the event. The entire time in the video Trump supporters knew she was there to cause trouble and instigate a problem so instead of getting physical they chanted “Go home Communist” and Let’s Go Brandon” instead. Trump’s rallies throughout the 2016 and 2020 campaigns rarely had any confrontations and were deemed as peaceful family environments.

One user on Twitter who attended the rally tweeted out a picture of a sign that read “FBI Check-In”.

The sign was meant to be funny but is a known fact that FBI informants have been targeting Trump supporters since the January 6th riots. Trump during his speech in Florence even called out alleged FBI informant Ray Epps for encouraging his supporters to go inside of the Capitol. Epps was on the FBI’s most-wanted list but was suddenly taken off the list without the FBI ever explaining a reason why. Epps has never been charged with any crimes or even detained at any point in time.

There are several other strange characters that have never been identified in the January 6th tapes which show them cutting down fences that were located in front of the Capitol. The FBI’s involvement in the January 6th riots at the Capitol has yet to be investigated by the January 6th Committee because they’re too busy sending subpoenas to conservative media voices in an attempt to demonize them for exercising their freedom of speech.

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