WATCH: 5 Year Old Wanted to Buy a Lamborghini for $3; Police Pulled Him Over as He Reached the Highway

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When he stopped a 5-year-old driver who was swerving so violently, a Utah Highway Patrol trooper was in for a small surprise since he felt the driver needed medical assistance. The child didn’t stop when he flashed his lights, said Trooper Rick Morgan, but did so when he sounded his siren on Monday on Interstate 15 in Ogden.

When Morgan pulled up, he assumed he would see someone in need of an ambulance or paramedics. However, Morgan claimed that when the window was rolled down, it was very obvious that a very juvenile driver was operating the vehicle. According to Morgan, the child was perched on the edge of his seat in order to reach the brake pedal.

According to CBS Salt Lake City affiliate KUTV, Adrian, the youngster, had driven his family’s Dodge Journey two miles through Ogden, Utah, and onto Interstate 15 before Morgan found him.

“Where did you come from? How did you get this car?” Dash camera footage captured what the perplexed trooper said to Adrian.

According to Morgan, the youngster informed him that he was traveling to his sister’s home in California. The child flashed open his wallet to reveal the $3 he needed to buy his dream automobile after telling another trooper he planned to buy a Lamborghini when he arrived.

After being notified, his parents came and picked up their kid and the car.

Sidney Estrada, Adrian’s sister, told KUTV that she was looking after the family’s kids while their parents were at work. She claims to have dozed off. She became aware that Adrian might be in danger when she awoke.

“I saw that the truck was gone, and he was gone, and the keys were gone. … I don’t know what went through his mind,” she stated to the station.

The family claimed that Adrian had never driven before, and they are not sure how he obtained the car’s keys, let alone managed to drive across town and onto the highway. The incident, according to the family, serves as a helpful reminder to keep car keys out of kids’ reach.


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