“Demand Justice”: The Dark Money Network Behind Kentanji’s Nomination?

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Why was Judge Kentantji Brown Jackson chosen for the SCOTUS seat that will be open upon Justice Stephen Breyer’s retirement?

Joe’s campaign promise to nominate a black woman to fill an opening aside, there has to be something behind why she specifically was chosen to fill the seat. Joe can make all the dumb pledges he wants: this woman was chosen for a reason, what is it?

Turns out, the reason might be that it wasn’t Slow Joe or cackling Kamala that chose her, but rather leftist dark money networks, as pointed out by Matrixxx Grooove. (Check out Part 1 and Part 2 of their report on the dark money issue too, for further information)

Specifically, it appears that two radically leftist dark money groups, Arabella Advisors and “Demand Justice”, might have been behind bullying Justice Breyer into retiring and then pushing Kentanji into his seat.

The first piece of that puzzle came from a RealClearPolitics article reporting on the shameful pressuring of Justice Breyer into retirement.

If you remember, news of his retiring leaked before he himself declared that he’d do so, something that reportedly infuriated the justice.

Well, according to RCP, that was because “Demand Justice,” a shadowy, left-leaning version of the Federalist Society, has quite a bit of influence in the Biden White House and pressed for Breyer’s retirement. In that article’s words:

Demand Justice, a dark money political pressure group with close ties to Democrats, was not[deferential of Breyer’s wishes to announce his retirement when he saw fit]. For more than a year, the organization mounted a pressure campaign urging Breyer to give up his Supreme Court seat while Democrats controlled the White House and Senate. Op-eds were written. Activists held protests. A box truck circled Capitol Hill carrying a billboard with a direct message: “Breyer, retire.”

And while the White House remained hands-off, the administration was certainly aware that progressives wanted Breyer to retire sooner rather than later. Psaki, after all, previously worked for Demand Justice.

So did Paige Herwig, who joined the White House Counsel’s Office early last year. And on Friday, the White House announced that along with Vice President Kamala Harris and White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain, Herwig would lead the search process for a nominee to succeed Breyer, suggesting that Demand Justice enjoys significant new influence, not unlike the role the Federalist Society played during the Trump administration.

Oh, and “Demand Justice” is also a partner of the Clinton Foundation. It’s listed as a partner on Hillary’s website.

But “Demand Justice” wasn’t the only shadowy group behind kicking out Breyer and replacing him with the far more radical Kentanji Brown Jackson.

There’s another organization involved, Arabella Advisors. According to Rep. Jim Jordan, that shadowy network was also involved in the Kentanji push (or was it a putsch?). Watch him describe how here, on Fox and Friends:

So, was Kentanji Jackson chosen because Biden’s brain is mushy and he made a dumb campaign promise? Perhaps. However, if Rep. Jordan and RCP are to be believed, then it might be leftist dark money networks with agents in the White House that were behind a continued campaign to force Breyer out and Kentanji in.

If true and the Senate goes along with Demand Justice’s scheme, then it looks like a Supreme Court seat can be bought and paid for when Brandon is in charge.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of GenZConservative.com. Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

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