WEF Wants To Get Rid of Car Ownership

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The World Economic Forum’s sinister catchphrase ‘you will own nothing but be happy’ is starting to come to life.

In its latest press release, the World Economic Forum (WEF) just issued a report that advocates ridesharing apps as a means of combating climate change. The World Economic Forum (WEF) said in a document published on July 18 titled “3 circular economy techniques to decrease demand for essential metals” that the elimination of private automobile ownership “may reduce ownership of idle equipment and therefore material use.”

Within the bizarre press release, the WEF stated the decrease in car ownership would lead to lower world demand for fossil fuels and precious metals.

The WEF encourages individuals to “move from owning to using” automobiles by emulating car-sharing services such as Getaround in California and BlueSG in Singapore. On these platforms, users pay an hourly rate to use a car, and the WEF encourages people to do so. The organization also recommends the creation of “user profiles,” which would “make a difference between using the same device for business and using it for personal reasons.” This will make it possible to bring the “number of devices per person” down to a more manageable level.

However, the WEF doesn’t stop there; they also argue that this paradigm might be extended to homeownership as well.

The WEF’s effort to replace capitalism with economic and social policies based on Marxism is outlined in its Great Reset initiative, which is also referred to as the “fourth industrial revolution.” The article further emphasizes the WEF’s push to replace capitalism with these Marxist-based economic and social policies. Klaus Schwab, founder of the WEF and current Executive Chairman of the organization, emphasized in 2020 that the project aims a “‘Great Reset’ of capitalism.

In 2018, the Society Economic Forum (WEF) presented its ideal end game with some extreme “predictions” for a future world in which “You’ll own nothing and be happy…whatever you want, you’ll rent,” and where “Meat will be a special treat.”

In 2016, the World Economic Forum (WEF) also tweeted a comment from a member of the Danish Parliament that sheds light on the organization’s overarching goals and objectives. “Greetings from the year 2030. “My life has never been better, despite the fact that I own nothing and have no privacy,” Ida Auken stated.

Klaus established the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Geneva in 1971. Its members include the most influential people in the world in the fields of academics, politics, commerce, and the arts. Access for the press to the organization is very restricted, and a significant portion of the activities that take place behind closed doors are cloaked in mystery.

Besides wanting us to get rid of cars, billionaires such as Bill Gates are buying up large amounts of land in the United States. If the financial elite buy all the land and limit car ownership, then Americans would be living in a society where they can only run and have subscriptions.

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