Whoopie Goldberg Admits People Have “Lost Their Kids To This Vaccine”

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Sometimes, what’s really on your mind just seems to come out without you even realizing it. This phenomenon is called a Freudian slip. Well, Whoopie Goldberg had a major Freudian slip while she was verbally attacking liberal commentator, Bill Maher.

It all started when Bill Maher on his show Real-time was railing on Democrats who are masked paranoid. The very outspoken political commentary went on to say:

“I don’t want to live in your paranoid world anymore, your masked paranoid world. You know, you go out, it’s silly now! You know, you have your mask, you have to have a card, you have to have to booster, they scan your head like you’re a cashier and I’m a bunch of bananas. I’m not bananas you are.”

These aren’t words coming from a Conservative, but rather a staunch liberal who isn’t a fan of society turning into a biomedical security state. Well, after hearing Maher’s comments, Whoopie went into rage mode and called out Maher for speaking out against masks and boosters shots.

Whoopie would go on to say:

“That’s not really funny to people have lost their kids to this vaccine, or people who lost family members or dear friends to this,” Goldberg said. “You know, listen, nobody on the planet really wants to go through this. This is not something we’re doing because it’s, you know, sexually gratifying. This is what we’re doing to protect our families.”

Watch the moment she said it here:

Noticed how the other View host advocates for masks to be wrong forever and even compared the use of masks to anti-terrorism security measures at an airport. It’s clear that the View is programming its viewers to think it’s perfectly normal to have a society where everyone lives in fear.

Despite being obedient to everything the CDC and the WHO have recommended for people to do, Whoopie Goldberg still caught COVID-19 on January 5th. The comedian and host of the view went on record saying she was “tripped vaxxed“, but she still caught the Omicron variant.

It’s quite obvious that Whoopie didn’t mean to say “people have lost their kids to this vaccine”, but is there any truth in that statement to begin with? Well, there have been several major medical findings that have revealed that children have a higher chance of getting Myocarditis (heart inflammation) when getting vaccinated than full-grown adults do.

There are also news reports that are buried deep into the Google algorithm that have reported possible deaths due to COVID-19 vaccines. One of those news reports was a 13 year-old boy from Michigan who mysterious died in his sleep after getting his second Pfizer shot.

The young teenager who lost his life from reportedly getting vaccinated was Jacob Clynick, who was perfectly healthy before getting vaccinated but after getting vaccinated h had major stomach pain and a high fever. The Detroit Free Press reported that Jacob never had any prior history of severe medical ailments before getting vaccinated, which raises more speculation that the Pfizer shot led to his premature death.

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