Yikes: Is This Rwandan Immigrant Responsible for the Notre Dame Conflagration?

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Remember when Notre Dame caught on fire and we never really got an explanation as to what happened, other than that a fire somehow broke out and gutted the historic church?

Well, it unsurprisingly turns out that political correctness might have been to blame both for the fire itself and for the lack of any information regarding what happened.

That is, it looks like a Rwandan national might have been behind the blaze, a national only there thanks to politically correct immigration policies and who police and politicians don’t want to bring up for fear of being called “racists”.

Yes, it appears that a terrorist in France was, totally unsurprisingly, behind the blaze.

And it’s not just a conspiracy from the far-right. Newsweek reported on the matter, noting that a Rwandan who murdered a priest was also probably behind the horrific attack on the famed cathedral, saying:

A Rwandan national on Monday confessed to the murder of a Catholic priest in France’s western region of Vendée, according to local media outlets.

[…]A source with knowledge of the case told Euronews the individual who confessed to authorities about his role in Maire’s death was also suspected of setting fire in July 2020 to the Cathedral of St. Peter and St. Paul of Nantes, a cathedral located north of Vendée in Nantes.

Oh, and the French police had, despite suspecting that the Rwandan was the one who started the fire, turned him back out on the streets, where he eventually murdered the priest. Euronews reported on that sickening aspect of the case, saying:

The suspect, Emmanuel Abayisenga, was already under investigation for setting a fire to the Cathedral of Nantes where he worked as a volunteer a year ago, Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin said.

He had been placed in detention before being released under judicial supervision.

Darmanin added that the suspect “testified (to gendarmes) that he killed the priest.”

So, political correctness appears to be responsible for the incident from beginning to end.

It was thanks to political correctness that Emmanuel Abayisenga, like many other haters of Wester Civilization, was allowed into France in the first place. It was thanks to political correctness that the man who set fire to Notre Dame was wandering around and able to do so, and thanks to both political correctness and softness on crime that he was turned out on the streets despite police thinking he did so. And then he took that hatred yet another step further and murdered a Catholic priest.

One of the West’s greatest cathedrals was burnt to a crisp and a priest was murdered thanks to the liberal ideology. When will the reaction come? When will strong men finally crack down on the delusions and protect their homelands from these evil invaders? Whenever that day is, it couldn’t come soon enough. The churches and the faithful must be protected from the ravages of these West-haters before it’s too late.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of GenZConservative.com. Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

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