Actress Spews Vitriol Toward Republicans In Profanity Soaked Tweet: ‘F*** Them One And All’

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Actress Ellen Barkin, who hasn’t really been all that relevant since she appeared in the Big Easy with Dennis Quaid — which, I say, because I have only seen her in that movie — decided to go on a profanity soaked tirade on Twitter earlier in the week where she declared, in no uncertain terms, that she hates Republicans. All of them. Every. Single. One.

According to TheBlaze, Barkin kicked off the tweet by first apologizing to her followers for the comments and the profanity she was about to spew, before hocking venom all over those who she sees as her political adversaries. Such a class act, right?

“I’m sorry to have to say this. I’m sorry for my language. But. I f[*****] hate these motherf*[****] Republicans. Every last one. F*[**] them one and all,” Barkin posted on social media.

The post ended up getting a whole lot of traction on Twitter, going on to earn 4,000 retweets, 12,000 replies, and more than 31,000 likes at the time of TheBlaze report’s publication.

Chad Prather, who is partnered with the media outlet, responded to the tweet by saying, “You’re so enlightened and stuff.”

“I’m so sad to hear you talk this way. I love your past work, but a comment like the one you made is so hateful and over the top that I can no longer be a fan,” another user responded.

“Such reasoned and compelling intellectual discourse. Sure to really help. Way to go,” someone else said.

I mean, I can’t speak for the general audience on Twitter, but man, Barkin’s comments really woke me up. All of this time that I’ve been a conservative, I had no idea she hated me so passionately. That just really tears me up on the inside. I was devastated to read her remarks. How can I possibly go on living my life knowing that Ellen Barkin, who I’ve ever only seen in one movie, hates my guts? Guess it’s time to switch teams, guys.

“I have no clue who you are, but you don’t seem very nice,” another user zinged.

“I’m sorry to have to say this, but I can do it without using foul language. The feeling is mutual. I loathe these liberals. All of them,” someone else posted.

What’s really going to crack you up is the tweet she has pinned to the top of her profile. It says, “Without love there can be no justice.’ ‘Without justice there can be no love.’…bell hooks.”

Hypocrisy just seems to be a natural quality inherent in radical left-wingers, especially artsy-fartsy types in the entertainment industry. Being an actor requires one to be very passionate and emotional, which often leads to amazing performances that have the capacity to move audiences to tears or bust a gut in laughter. Unfortunately, that means most of these dolts completely lack reason, often getting frustrated by something they disagree with and flying off the handle about it.

And for some reason, they seem to think the rest of the world desperately needs to hear their thoughts on every subject and issue happening in the culture today. Not sure where they get such an idea, but alas, it’s what they seem to believe.

Thus, when you read posts like the one above extolling love as a critical virtue for being a good human being, and then scroll through the timeline and see it’s chock full of seething hate, you see an absurd level of disconnect.

Get a grip, Barkin.

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