AZ Gov.’s Administration Not Off To A Great Start: Oath Laugh, Speech Walkout, And More

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Freshly inaugurated Arizona Democrat Gov. Katie Hobbs is not exactly off to a great start with her new administration after she had a giggle fit while being sworn-in, questions concerning her inauguration donations, and a walkout during the first speech she gave to the state Legislature by various lawmakers who are preparing to sue her. This definitely is not a good look for someone just getting started in a new political position, especially when it’s a high office like governor.

According to Just the News, Hobbs was officially sworn into office on Jan.2 during a very brief ceremony that was off-limits to members of the press, a report from the Arizona Republic. A media pool photographer was present and the event was livestreamed on the Internet. There was a public ceremony held later that week.

As she took the oath of office, she started to giggle with her mom, saying, “Stop it, Mom,” before she recited “that I will support the Constitution.”

“Kari Lake’s campaign Twitter account tweeted a clipped video recording of the livestream of Hobbs’ ill-timed laughter, captioning it with: ‘This is one of the darkest moments in the history of Arizona. An illegitimate ‘Governor’ laughing in the face of our constitution. But it’s always darkest before the dawn. We will expose this fraud for the world to see. Justice is coming. @katiehobbs won’t be laughing then,'” Just the News reported.

The report continued, “Goldwater Institute Vice President Timothy Sandefur pushed back on a similar characterization of the incident when he retweeted a post by former Gov. Doug Ducey staffer Brian Anderson. Hobbs ‘was unable to take the oath of office this morning without stammering and laughing through it,’ Anderson had tweeted.

“This is not a fair characterization,” Sandefur replied. “If you watch the whole video you can see that Gov. Hobbs was feeling emotional & made a little joke to her mother (holding the Bible) about how they were both getting choked up.”

Arizona’s Family reported that the funding for the inaugural events for Hobbs has not yet been fully disclosed,  with the only real information available being the fact she and her campaign requested that each donor give as much as $250,000. Gee, that’s just pocket change, right? This should tell you how out of touch with reality politicians, especially liberal ones, are from regular every day Americans.

Ducey disclosed both donor names and the amount they gave during his inauguration back in 2019. So who is the real party of transparency? It can’t be the Democrats because it almost seems they do anything in their power to cover the tracks of every activity they participate in.

Hobbs was asked by ABC15 concerning the amounts of each donation not being revealed.

“All of the donors are on the website,” she responded. “I don’t even know why this is an issue. They’re all on the website.”

“The donations go to the Katie Hobbs Inauguration Fund, the Republic reported. The fund is a 501(c)4 nonprofit that Hobbs’ campaign manager Nicole DeMont incorporated in December, according to records filed with the Arizona Corporation Commission,” Just the News reported.

A spokesperson who works for Hobbs’ inaugural events spoke with the Republic and said the fund was a social welfare group and the donations were paying for the public ceremony and inaugural ball. However, the spokesperson did not provide answers for questions concerning how much money was raised for the fund or how the fund aligns with Hobbs’ promise during her campaign to be transparent.

Is this really the way you want to start off your term in office, Gov. Hobbs? Because if you keep up this kind of trajectory, you’re not going to be sitting in the position for very long.

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