Blue States Are In Big Trouble Come 2024 As This One Issue May Sink Their Battleship

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Blue states, that is, states that are under the control of Democratic Party politicians and leadership, are going to find themselves facing a very big, uphill battle come 2024, thanks to the crisis at the southern border that continues to go unaddressed by the Biden administrations. The situation in this region of the nation has now become the greatest failure of President Joe Biden’s tenure in office.

And since Biden refuses to even acknowledge this crisis is happening, it is going to cost other members of his party “bigly” when it comes time for the 2024 presidential election. Maybe more so than any other topic that is hot in the public eye right now, and that’s a lot.

Breitbart News is reporting, “Earlier this week, the Supreme Court preserved the one remaining mechanism for border enforcement: Title 42, a pandemic-era rule that allows the U.S. to prohibit immigration to the country for public health reasons.”

The report continued, “President Biden once declared that wanted to drop Title 42, just as he got rid of every other mechanism that former President Donald Trump used to enforce the border — notably the ‘Remain in Mexico’ policy, which required asylum applicants to wait before entering the U.S.; and the border “wall,” which is one infrastructure project, along with the Keystone XL pipeline, that Democrats somehow could not find the money to fund.”

“Now the Biden administration is trying to wash its hands of the Title 42 controversy, claiming that it would drop the policy only under duress, thanks to a court order — one that the administration initially sought. The fact that thousands of people are flocking to the border every day is causing some in the White House to realize that the mainstream media cannot ignore the problem forever, and that blame will eventually be assigned,” Breitbart said.

As of now, the position held  by the Biden administration is that this crisis will continue on until Congress, which is really codespeak for “Republicans,” go ahead and pass “comprehensive immigration reform,” that includes a path for illegal migrants to gain citizenship.

In reality, this sort of strategy is nothing more than hostage taking. The basic threat is that either conservatives accept millions of brand new Democratic voting new citizens into the country or there will be millions upon millions more later on down the line. It’s a no win situation.

“Of course, there is no guarantee that any compromise on immigration will stop the border influx. The lesson Republicans have learned from past failures is that border security must come first, or it does not come at all,” the Breitbart team revealed. “Meanwhile, the Biden administration is playing for time, hoping the crisis somehow disappears and that people forget all the lies the White House has told about it. (Remember the claims that migration was ‘seasonal?’)”

However the actual issue concerning the border is about far more than the physical border itself. It’s about all of the drugs, the fentanyl pandemic that is now killing 100,000 Americans every single year. Most of the product these folks are using comes from the fentanyl brought into the country through smuggling.

There are also legitimate concerns about terrorism and the very large number of individuals who happen to be on terror watch lists that are managing to get inside our nation through the practically wide open border right now.

“The border issue is also about equality — about rich liberals in Martha’s Vineyard praising their own piety as they ship migrants to a military base after 24 hours on the island, or declaring states of emergency over a few dozen arrivals in big cities, while small towns in Republican-voting border areas are swamped by hundreds of thousands of people,” the Breitbart report, written masterfully by Joel B. Pollak, went on to say.

Pollack continued to explain what this border thing was all about, saying, “It is about democracy — about American citizens seeing their votes potentially diluted by people who refuse to follow the rules, and by politicians who are violating their sworn oaths to uphold the law.”


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