Brand New Poll Reveals What Black Americans Believe About Gender; Liberals Won’t Know How To Respond

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A brand new poll from the folks over at Pew Research dated for February 2023 has shockingly revealed that over two-thirds of black Americans believe, like everyone else who has half a brain and isn’t scared to death of the liberal cancel culture mob, that gender is “determined by the sex assigned at birth.”

Isn’t it sad we now need polls to find out if people still believe truths that were once taught in fundamental biology classes in junior high and high school? Liberalism has truly led to the dumbing down of modern society. Congratulations on that by the way.

Then again, that was probably the plan all along. Make people stupid so they follow you without asking questions.

The poll was called, “Black Americans’ views on transgender and nonbinary issues,” and asked a number of questions concerning gender, discrimination, and transgender issues that have taken our nation, ant the world, by storm over the last few years.

Here are more details via TheBlaze:

When asked if a person is determined to be a man or a woman “by the sex assigned at birth” or if people can be different from the sex they were “assigned at birth,” 68% of all black adults said a person’s gender is the same as the sex at birth, with 31% saying it can change.

For those who agree that gender is determined by sex at birth, more college-educated and degree recipients say the same (72% and 70%), as opposed to 64% of high school-educated individuals.

Conservatives agree with the statement at a 70% rate, with moderates at 75%, and liberals at just 51%. The more actively religious a person is, the more likely the respondent agrees gender is determined by sex at birth.

“I’d venture to say the percentage of (black) people who believe gender is determined by sex at birth is actually higher than what Pew leads on,” Eric Butler, who works as a writer for the TatumReport.Com, went on to say.

“In the grand scheme it’s a fairly new phenomenon and most people over 40 wouldn’t even entertain the idea. People may be coming to terms with the idea that extreme gender ideology isn’t resonating and slowly trying to backtrack,” he continued.

A total of three out of ten black adults also stated that religious beliefs have influenced the way they view this issue, with only 18 percent saying the same thing about what they have learned from science.

Only 10 percent stated that their views have been impacted from “knowing someone who is transgender.”

“Black Americans aren’t split,” Bryson Gray, a Christian conservative hip-hop artist. “It’s a small group of mentally unstable people that think you can change your gender. These people are weirdos that need to be shamed.”

One in three, or 35 percent, of black Americans say they know someone personally who identifies as transgender. When it comes to their thoughts on discrimination against individuals who belong to the LGBTQ+ community, 57 percent of liberals say they are “extremely concerned,” while 37 percent of conservatives say the same thing.

A total of 57 percent of black adults believe that black organizations should work toward addressing the challenges facing black people who are in the gay community.

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