CA School District Invites Students Ages 12 And Up To Give Lectures…The Topic Is Totally Cringe

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A school district located in the insane cesspool of California is putting a whole lot of effort into pushing radical gender theory put out an advertisement for a talk concerning “transgender young people” that didn’t require them to be accompanied by their parents. And that right there should immediately raise a whole crop of red flags. Anytime the left wants to isolate children from their immediate guardians, it means they are planning on undermining their authority and indoctrinating them with a specific agenda.

Davis Parent University, a volunteer group in partnership with California’s Davis Joint Unified School District (DJUSD), hosted a lecture last week with Rachel Pepper, a child sex change-affirming therapist and author of ‘The Transgender Child: A Handbook For Parents And Professionals.’ Students aged 12 and up were invited by the school district to attend with any adult aged 18 and up,” the Daily Wire reported.

“Do not ever think that withholding care or telling a teen to wait until they are 18 and of age to move forward are suitable options,” Pepper stated in a clip from the event that started circulating online on Wednesday.

“‘If you find that you are resistant to providing congruence options for your teen — and the clock is ticking — keep coming back to love and ask yourself if you would prefer a suffering child — or even a dead one — to a child who could receive gender-affirming care,’  Pepper continued, relying on a debunked affirm-or-suicide narrative frequently used to emotionally blackmail parents into letting their children obtain puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, and gender-related surgeries,” the report added.

During a questions and answers portion of the event, Pepper was then asked what to do about family members who were “skeptical” of a “very young trans kiddo, age four.”

“Sometimes families have to make hard decisions because there may be people in extended families who are toxic and who are not safe people for those children to be around,” Pepper said in response.

When asked what the statistics were for youth who identified as transgender and nonbinary, Pepper claimed that ‘recent studies of high schoolers’ have shown that ’15 to 19% of youth identify somewhere on the spectrum of non-binary, gender diverse, [or] transgender,'” the report continued.

Students from the DJUSD have been beaten over the head with instruction concerning the topic of “gender identity” and sexuality in recent years, resulting in a major increase in alleged trans-identification. In other words, kids are beginning to think this is super trendy and thus, in order to fit in with the trend, are claiming to be transgender, when in reality, they likely aren’t. Unfortunately, many of them are probably going to hurt themselves by taking hormones or worse, permanently altering their natural bodies, before this realization sets in.

“Advertisements for the lecture appeared on Davis Parent University social media posts and on a student portal where homework assignments were accessed. A mother of a ninth-grade student told The Daily Wire that flyers for the event were emailed directly to her son two weeks in a row,” the conservative news outlet set.

“My concerns are that the school counselors and administrators are promoting one way of dealing with gender dysphoria, and that is telling teens that they are a ‘trusted adult’ and support ‘trans kids’ and their transitions,” a Davis Unified parent, who did not want her identity made public, told The Daily Wire.

The severe opposition the school received for the event might have played a significant role in the organizers having it virtually rather than in person as they had originally planned. A group of protestors held a peaceful demonstration outside of Davis Senior High School and the Susan B. Anthony administrative building, in the rain, on the afternoon the event was scheduled to be held.

“We were raising awareness at the high school specifically because this talk was really marketed towards kids,” Allie Snyder, a Davis Unified parent who attended the protest, said of the situation. “Even though the Davis Parent University organization said the event was for parents, it was directly promoted to children in the district. A bulletin about the event was sent to all the kids, starting in the seventh grade.”

Image Source: DeTransAwareness Twitter

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