Connecticut University Now Set To Pay For Egregious Murder Of Unborn Children On Behalf Of Students

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A liberal arts college located in the state of Connecticut has revealed they are going to be covering the costs for students who want to murder their unborn children in the womb, which not only includes the price of the ghastly procedure — which often includes dismemberment — but also the transportation to and from the clinics.

This is absolutely disgusting. Overturning Roe v. Wade was just the beginning of the real battle, folks. It’s time for pro-lifers of all walks of life to band together and push for state legislatures to ban abortion, no exceptions, and criminalize the act as well. Murder is illegal and that should cover abortion as well. Not a popular opinion, but tough cookies.

“Wesleyan University, which currently enrolls approximately 3,200 students, agreed to offer free emergency contraceptives and help pay for abortions for its students who wish to terminate their pregnancies starting in the 2023 fall semester,” TheBlaze reported.

“The school already provides free birth control through its health center. The decision was made to expand Wesleyan’s reproductive services following demands from the school’s Young Democratic Socialist of America club,” the report added.

The club then put out a petition that urged the institution to “better provide accessible care to people with uteruses.”

How offensive, ladies, is it to be whittled down to being “people with a uterus,” instead of simply being called a woman? That’s the clown world we’re living in right now. Transgender individuals have stripped you of the dignity of your gender. Unreal.

YDSA club made the claim that having access to procedures that terminate the life of a human being “serves as an important framework for resisting white supremacist, colonialist, and capitalist forms of control.”

“By adopting such policies, Wesleyan could cement its status as an institution that values the wellbeing of its students, especially their reproductive rights and equality, by taking a more proactive stance against conservative attacks on reproductive justice,” the club’s petition continued.

The club then managed to secure 700 signatures for the petition and the university just rolled over and agreed to the demands presented by the club. That’s how little people think of human life today, folks. It holds very little value in the eyes of the left.

“Starting in the fall semester 2023, DHC will provide all emergency contraceptives (Plan B and Ella) free of charge,” Wesleyan University went on to say in a written statement. “Consistent with the health center’s mission to provide education and support in the decision-making process, students will be able to access emergency contraceptives by consulting with a nurse at DHC. The University will rely on a student’s insurance plan to pay for abortion services but will offer financial assistance to any student whose insurance does not cover abortions and/or pay co-pays and deductibles after insurance has been filed. Wesleyan University has long provided financial support for those in need beyond what their medical insurance might cover. At a time when reproductive freedom is being threatened around the country, Wesleyan is dedicated to providing students with support for free emergency contraception or for the decision to terminate a pregnancy.”

The Director of the Family Institute of Connecticut, Peter Wolfgang, spoke with a local media outlet and stated that he was very sad to hear the news about the university’s decision to pay for students to kill their unborn children, stating if they will pay for these procedures, they ought to pay for the live births of students too.

“If Wesleyan is willing to pay for the abortions of its student, then it ought to pay for the live birth for their students as well, including child care for the students, who are attending classes and interviewing for jobs, and medical care, too,” Wolfgang commented.

Pray for our young people.

You can see a video of the story here.

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