Damning Report From CNN Reveals Bombshell About Biden’s Interaction With Hunter’s Business Associates

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CNN aired a report Wednesday that is absolutely devastating to all of President Joe Biden’s previous claims that he never engaged in any of his son Hunter’s business dealings. The hits just keep on coming for Crazy Uncle Joe, don’t they? As the Good Book makes clear, what’s done in the dark will be dragged into the light.

Of course, the reason so much of this is coming out right now, conveniently alongside his classified documents scandal could be because the Democratic Party is trying to push him aside so they can prepare to choose a candidate to run in 2024. I don’t know that for sure, of course, but it is a pretty plausible theory.

According to TheBlaze, Biden has made repeated claims that he has had anything to do with Hunter’s nefarious business deals overseas. In fact, a segment from the recent report aired on CNN kicked off with words right out of the president’s own mouth.

“I have never discussed with my son or my brother or anyone else anything having to do with their businesses, period,” he said.

However, Pamela Brown, chief investigative correspondent with CNN, went into deep detail revealing how that statement is simply not true.

“Despite his denials, a CNN review of the laptop data, as well as other public material, shows that Joe Biden did interact with some of his son’s associates while serving as vice president, though it’s unclear exactly what was discussed,” Brown said as she narrated the story.

“One example, the Republicans cite Miguel Aleman Magnani, a Mexican businessman and son of the former president who Hunter was trying to woo. In 2014, Aleman Magnani and his dad were photographed at the White House with then-Vice President Biden. In a later email, Hunter Biden reminds Aleman Magnani of the favors he’s done for him,” she expounded.

“We’ve been talking about business deals and partnerships for seven years. I have brought every single person you have ever asked me to bring to the F’ing White House and the vice president’s house and the inauguration,” she continued.

The report then demonstrated how Hunter and the president’s brothers, James and Frank, have been utilizing the influence of Joe Biden to help broker their own interests.

“Despite even CNN’s own admission that Biden, contrary to his promises, has been involved in some of the business dealings of his family, the White House told the network it stands by Biden’s previous assertions,” TheBlaze said.

There’s little doubt that the business dealings of the Biden family are going to be a hot story for this year. Now that House Republicans are in charge of the House, they have promised to launch an investigation into Biden and the various scandals he’s connected to.

House Oversight Committee Chairman Rep. James Comer has said the investigation will try to determine whether Biden was “directly involved with Hunter Biden’s business deals.”

This is definitely going to be a rough year for Crazy Uncle Joe. But he deserves it all. You can’t keep doing bad things and expect you’ll get away with it forever. Even if you don’t face consequences for the evil you do during your time on earth, there’s a Supreme Judge you’ll be answering to after the curtains drop.


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