DEPLORABLE: Madonna Set To Perform Concert In Nashville, Donating Cash Made To ‘Transgender Rights’ Groups

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Pop music legend Madonna has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that she is one of the most disgusting individuals on this planet. I mean, if you look at her behavior throughout the years, including some of her recent shenanigans, this is a fact we’ve known for quite some time, however, her latest action is absolutely horrific and devoid of any sort of human decency.

According to TheBlaze, Madonna has added a stop in Nashville for her upcoming “Celebration Tour,” which is set to kick off later this year. However, it’s what she’s doing with the money made from the show that is so indecent. She’s donating the proceeds to transgender rights organizations. This on its own would be odious, but the fact that a shooting just happened in the city where children were murdered by a transgender individual is the absolute height of gross.

“The 64-year-old singer made the announcement on Instagram on Monday, stating that she added the Nashville concert at Bridgestone Arena because of new Tennessee laws that severely restrict drag shows and so-called ‘gender-affirming care’ for children. She criticized those laws as ‘unfounded and pathetic’ and claimed that they make ‘America a dangerous place for our most vulnerable citizens, especially trans women of color,'” the report said.

“The oppression of the LGBTQ+ is … unacceptable and inhumane,” Madonna said.

You can see the Instagram post here.

The pop star then revealed she would be joined by Bob the Drag Queen, the recent victor of RuPaul’s “Drag Race” series, on December 22.

“Anyone with half a brain knows not to f*** with a drag queen,” Madonna went on to say in a post on Instagram. “Bob and I will see you from the stage in Nashville where we will celebrate the beauty that is the Queer community!”

“According to reports, Madonna intends to donate the proceeds from the Nashville concert to so-called ‘trans rights’ groups,” TheBlaze said.

At about the same time that Madonna posted on social media about the Nashville concert, her website likewise issued an announcement about the Nashville show. Unfortunately, the timing of the announcements coincided with the news that a female suspect who identified as transgender had murdered three adults and three children at a Christian school in Nashville. The decision to add Nashville to the schedule likely did not come in response to the shooting, and neither announcement about Madonna’s Nashville concert makes reference to the shooting, the shooter, or the Christian identity of the victims,” the report added.

Here’s more from TheBlaze:

The new drag show law in Tennessee that has Madonna so enraged does not explicitly refer to “drag,” though it does forbid “adult cabaret entertainment” and “male and female impersonators” on public property and in locations where children are present. Such shows must be held at least 1,000 feet from schools, houses of worship, and public parks. Violators of this law will face a misdemeanor charge for the first offense and a felony for repeat offenses.

Another new Tennessee law prohibits medical professionals from treating a minor’s biological sex like a disease. Doctors may not prescribe puberty blockers or cross-sex hormones or perform surgery to alter a child’s genitals.

“These children do not need these medical procedures to be able to flourish as adults,”  state House Majority Leader William Lamberth, a Republican, went on to say concerning transgender surgeries for kids. “They need mental health treatment. They need love and support, and many of them need to be able to grow up to become the individuals that they were intended to be.”

It’s absolutely atrocious for Madonna to go through with this concert. She needs to cancel the show or at least not donate the proceeds to transgender rights activists. Especially since it looks like one group might have played a role in what happened in Nashville, calling for a “day of vengeance” and paying for their members to have firearms training.

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