District Attorney Backed By Infamous Soros Allowed Repeat Offender To Go Free, Now She’s Facing Murder Charge

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The office of District Attorney George Gascon made the ill-conceived decision to go easy on a repeat offender and allow her to receive diversion instead of being tossed in the slammer for her crimes, and now, that piece of human filth has murdered an innocent man, who was also father to two children. Soft-on-crime policies have struck again, leaving death, destruction, and loss in their wake.

Jade Simone Brookfield had a rap sheet longer than The Lord of the Rings: Extended Cut, before she stabbed Dennis Banner to death, which includes four prior incidents that were also stabbings. She likes her violence nice and intimate, doesn’t she? It takes a special kind of psychopath to get kicks off turning people into human pincushions. One of these stabbings resulted in someone winning a free trip to the hospital thanks to a punctured lung.

Brookfield was sent to a mental health treatment and diversion program over and over again. Really seems like it worked wonders, right?

Check out more details from The Daily Caller:

The murder happened in April, but law enforcement was prohibited from talking about the details of the case until recently. L.A. District Attorney George Gascon received $4.7 million in donations through the Justice and Public Safety PAC, which is funded at least in part by George Soros, a billionaire philanthropist who has spent millions bankrolling progressive legislators across the country.

Brookfield was released on diversion or mental health treatment in response to all four of her prior violent crimes during Gascon’s time in office, according to Fox News. “We appreciate the public concern when someone is participating in a mental health program and allegedly commits a serious crime,” said Gascon’s office to Fox News.

“Our prosecutors make the best decisions they can in light of all the available information. Our heart goes out to all the victims in this matter, and we stand ready to support them on their journey to healing.” Gascon’s office went on to say.

Brookfield was arrested back in 2020 and charged with attempted murder after the whole stabby-stabby game she loves to play led to the punctured lung mentioned above. Again, she was given the mental health diversion plan. She then acted out against a police officer resulting in a battery charge. Guess what happened? Diversion plan, followed by a case dismissal from Gascon’s office.

“In each instance, a judge carefully weighed the evidence against the defendant and determined diversion or alternative remedies were appropriate,” a representative from Los Angeles District Attorney’s office went on to tell to the Daily Caller News Foundation. “We appreciate the public concern when someone is participating in a mental health program and allegedly commits a serious crime.”

Within six months, Brookfield was arrested two more times for crimes involving knives and each time she avoided jail time. Each of those incidents involved Brookfield allegedly welding knives at innocent people and threatening their lives.

“Releasing people back onto the streets with no supervision is not the answer,” vice president of the L.A. Association of Deputy District Attorneys, Eric Siddall, said during an interview with Fox News. “LA County needs to build out a system that includes lockdown mental health facilities to treat those with serious mental health concerns,” he remarked.

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