Famous Drag Queen RuPaul Launches Attack On Laws Prohibiting Drag Shows For Kids

Note: This article may contain commentary or the author's opinion.

For lack of a better phrase, the “mother” of all drag queens, RuPaul, has officially come out swinging for the fences against new pieces of legislation in states like Tennessee that ban drag shows for kids, making the case that conservatives are just attempting to distract the general public from more important issues facing the country. You know, the same could be said for those pushing this ridiculous pro-drag queen agenda the left is seems to be all about these days.

Why do folks like RuPaul and other folks in the drag community so desperately want kids to be present at these shows, which are clearly not designed for young people? These shows are hypersexualized and feature a lot of material that children are not mature enough to be exposed to. It seems to me the reason the drag community wants to expose children to their perversion is two-fold.

One, they want to try and convince kids this kind of behavior is perfectly normal. It’s not. Not at all. Throughout history, men dressing like women has always been viewed as an absurdity to laugh at. It’s never been something that was supposed to be accepted. The push for normalcy ties into the second reason the left and drag community is trying to go for acceptance.


“Drag queens are the Marines of the queer movement,” RuPaul said, according to Breitbart News.

He then referred to the bills as a “classic distraction technique” in an Instagram post that was published on Wednesday, going on to encourage his followers to donate money to the ACLU.

“Hey, look over there! A classic distraction technique, distracting us away from the real issues that they were voted into office to focus on: jobs, healthcare, keeping our children safe from harm at their own school,” the famous drag queen said.

“But we know that bullies are incompetent at solving real issues. They look for easy targets so they can give the impression of being effective. They think our love, our light, our laughter and our joy are signs of weakness. But they’re wrong because that is our strength,” he continued.

You can see the full Instagram post here.

“Drag queens are the Marines of the queer movement. Don’t get it twisted and don’t be distracted. Register to vote so we can get these stunt queens out of office and put some smart people with real solutions into government. And by the way, a social media post has never been as powerful as a registered vote,” he added.

As Breitbart News reported, Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee (R) recently signed into law legislation that prohibits sex change operations, cross-sex hormone therapy, and puberty blockers for children who are attempting to transition, in addition to prohibiting drag performances on public property and in the presence of children,” the report said.

There are similar bills being worked up in Nebraska, Oklahoma, Mississippi, South Dakota, and South Carolina.

Due to all of this legislation being developed, drag queens have now become the radical left’s favorite victim class, at least for the moment, as the media continues to portray them as being targets of hate from the supposed anti-LGBTQ crowd. The mainstream media has also been crafting narratives designed to make drag queens look like they are heroes of the First Amendment, stating that any effort put forth to stop children from being at drag shows as an infringement on their Constitutional rights.

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